Tuesday September 28, 1999

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Acting lessons and law enforcement training were combined in a crime simulation exercise that benefited Cuesta College drama students and rangers from the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. In one simulation, freshman Tiffany Truax played the part of a thief captured by rangers who found drugs and a stolen artifact in her car. "It makes me not want to ever really be arrested," she said after Thursday's scenario played out, complete with handcuffs. About 20 federal law enforcement officers took part. The Florida Department of State, which has decided the time isn't right for a museum to display 'Old Sparky.' Mark Twain's long-forgotten dispatch of 1868 details the life of a slain prostitute-turned-heroine. Her portrait still hangs in many of the saloons in Virginia City's National Historic District. Clemens wrote about the hanging execution of her murderer.

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT The National Museum of the American Indian hopes to change forever the way people view the hemisphere's first citizens. Some criticism or controversy regarding curatorial approaches is probably inevitable, but West said he doubted it would reach the level of bitterness generated by the fiasco surrounding the Smithsonian's Enola Gay exhibit. All the exhibits are being planned with tribal historians, he said, and that might help the museum "survive any attacks that come its way."

TEXAS America's Mother Road is hot these days, and it threads itself through cyberspace as surely as it ever did in the real world:;list
http://6t6kix.comages/rt66/97_il.htm Maj. William A. Price and his 8th Cavalry troops engaged Lone Wolf and his Kiowa and Comanche warriors, but nobody knew exactly where. Cruse found the battle site and used GPS to map the location of each artifact discovered. The Red River War had significance beyond the Panhandle. "It is nationally significant because this is where the U.S. government made the decision to physically remove the Indians from the Plains," Cruse said. In Waco, turning the mammoth site into a tourist attraction is not a "burning priority."

NEW MEXICO The street bonds also include $1 million to begin planning the controversial $40 million project that would extend Unser Boulevard through Petroglyph National Monument. The Museum of Albuquerque would get $5 million to build a 29,000-square-foot addition with gallery space.

CYBERIA They've never found any cryptozoological remains, but to most of the folks at the symposium, that's beside the point. The Sasquatch has been part of the mythology of just about every culture. The Chehalis call the Sasquatch crazy because of his solitary ways, not because they think there's a lunatic roaming the woods. With construction rapidly changing the face of Augusta State University, Dr. Murphy is hurrying to uncover campus history before bulldozers bury it forever. With the aid of two student assistants, the 56-year-old associate professor of anthropology is unearthing the past shovel by shovel.