Friday September 24, 1999

CALIFORNIA Soda Rock, a prominent Plumas County landmark held sacred by Maidu Indians, is at the center of a storm despite a recent federal order prohibiting mining.

NEVADA History will be standing still for the next few months after a determined group of property owners persuaded the Las Vegas Planning Commission to put a proposed downtown historic district on hold.

CYBERIA The museum will be hosting Flashlight Tours for children and parents during the next few months. On certain Thursday nights children are free to romp a round museum exhibits with a flashlight and set of clues in hand...all in the name of solving a mystery. The historic district, which includes 63 buildings, is officially known as the West Downtown Historic Transportation Corridor. Today the State Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is expected to decide whether to recommend including the area on the National Register of Historic Places.,1325,104663,00.html A local preservation group has commissioned a survey to research, document and preserve grist mill sites. Every 10 minutes, we lose an acre of Civil War battlefields. Trent Lott says he expects Congress to approve legislation for a study of historic sites associated with the Civil War Campaign for Vicksburg.