Thursday September 23, 1999

CALIFORNIA Too often, Native American villages are constructed by museums with not much input from the Native Americans themselves. Plans for the Native American Village, however, were discussed with the Tongva nation. The details were painstakingly researched, right down to which native plants to use in construction of the ki, a 32-foot, dome-shaped dwelling that is the village's centerpiece. These collections are the basis on which we understand biodiversity, history, cultures around the world," Brown says. "They are not just stored away. They are dynamic research vessels used by researchers around the world.

UTAH Ceremonies were conducted on Sept. 20, commemorating the 149th anniversary the original pioneers came to the community to make their homes. American Fork’s history began earlier that year, in the spring of 1850. One year from now, the 150th anniversary will be marked with dedication of a pioneer trail leading to the monument. They are making old places new, reshaping the landscape and finding new ways to protect others. What these new pioneers seem to share is once again a strong sense of place.

ARIZONA In localized areas, there emerged three distinct, but related cultures: the Hohokam, the Mogollon, and the Anasazi.

TEXAS City Council members are to consider committing $600,000 today to the Texas Aviation Heritage Foundation which would repay $300,000 over 20 years at no interest. The museum would showcase military gliders that trained at the Lubbock airport during World War II. The foundation is seeking a $3 million grant from the Texas Department of Transportation to construct what would become the Silent Wings Museum. The museum would include about 20,000 square feet of exhibit space, an auditorium and other artifacts.

CYBERIA,1249,115010342,00.html? Flat Lip, who is 50, has spent much of his adult life relating Crow oral traditions. He has also helped explain Crow culture to outsiders. Although he works for the Crow Tribe and lives in Pryor, he has been assigned to the Western Heritage Center in Billings since 1994. He describes himself as an oral historian. The Norse contact with Dorset Indians and Thule Eskimos did have a lasting effect: familiarizing natives of the Canadian Arctic with Europeans and their goods. Here's a case where the natives actually won, and the Europeans were too weak and vulnerable to gain a foothold. By defeating the Vikings, natives postponed the European settlement of North America for several hundred years. The British Museum, the epitome of scholarship and rigorous research and custodian of the nation's treasures, has shown itself also to be a center for censorship, prevarication and high political intrigue.