Tuesday September 21, 1999

UTAH,1249,115010136,00.html? The Huntington and Eccles Canyon Scenic Byway could gain national scenic byway designation. 17 markers explain a variety of resources, including scenic, natural, historic, cultural, recreational and archaeological. Included is a plaque explaining the Huntington Mammoth, which was discovered at the Huntington Reservoir.

ARIZONA In two weeks, every registered architect in the state of Arizona will receive a bid package. By Thanksgiving, the museum board will have short-listed and selected an architect team to assist with adding 40,000 square feet to the museum. New galleries will be devoted to children, natural history, anthropology, and special topics. A Craftsman bungalow built in 1922 was razed yesterday in central Tucson. Neighbors couldn't stop the demolition because Feldman is not designated as a historic preservation zone. Ford is collecting signatures to change that. He needs 51 percent of the neighborhood property owners - about 500 people - to sign up. So far he's gathered 30 to 40 signatures. 3,000 people lived in seven major villages in A.D. 1350. The Perry Mesa area was once heavily visited by Valley residents looking for pottery shards before federal protection came to the forefront. Members of Arizona's congressional delegation have reacted cautiously to talk about possible monument status for Perry Mesa and have publicly urged that Clinton not take that step unilaterally. Archaeologists unearthed burials and Hohokam features as they tested the store site in Coolidge. The test digs showed most of the 35-acre-site lacks buried ruins. Wal-Mart can shift the planned store and build without damaging the Hohokam occupation. Tribal cultural resource officers hope to arrange a conference with government and private industry to discuss moving development to areas without ruins and graves.

NEW MEXICO Who lived at Fort Bayard when the West was still wild? The living history program is just one of many activities scheduled for the weekend. Events for the public begin at 3 p.m. Friday, continue all day Saturday, and conclude Sunday afternoon.

CYBERIA Indian tribes are finally getting back the objects and human remains they have sought. But now the problem is what to do with them. Some items are causing problems because they are so sacred some fear just handling the objects will cause spiritual disturbances.,1249,115010149,00.html? A federal judge will issue an opinion this week that could resolve the lengthy dispute between scientists and the government over what to do with the Kennewick Man skeleton. Anthropology Meets Marketing - Anthropologists aren't just hanging out in exotic places studying the local culture. Many companies hire anthropologists for their skills of observation and ethnography to analyze how people live and work in their natural habitats. As part of Montana's Archaeology Week, Little Bighorn Battlefield will be showing "Brushing Away Time." The film tells the story of archaeological investigations at the battlefield and how they changed interpretation of the most famous battle of the Indian Wars. "Little Bighorn Remembered, the Untold Indian Story of Custer's Last Stand," includes many previously unpublished details. Cheyennes may still have Custer memorabilia - paper money, weapons and battlefield artifacts - hidden away.