Monday September 20, 1999

ARIZONA The career of Peg-Leg Smith. [ ] The Smoki People museum became a bona fide museum in 1994. The museum houses hundreds of archaeological and ethnological artifacts from the the Prescott area. Dominant in the pottery collection is Prescott black and gray ware, all made without benefit of the potter's wheel and with freehand-painted designs. [ ] Tall panels against the walls of the fruit-packing shed trace the state's agricultural history, including the completion of Roosevelt Dam. The exhibit, now open, runs through March 12 at Sahuaro Ranch, 59th Avenue and Mountain View Road. More information on the exhibit is available by calling the Sahuaro Ranch Foundation at (623) 939-5782. [ ] Traditional sacred sites are no longer free from trash. A Souther Paiute View of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Preserving Community: An Oral History Instruction Manual

CYBERIA Montana Buffalo Jump Montana Archaeology Week. They're just shattered pieces of things -- bowls, pipes, tools, money, animal bones -- plowed over by farmers time and again since the early 1800s. But they're the only way we have of knowing about the lives of slaves at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest. [ October 2 Archaeology Open House. Celebrate Archaeology Month with the Poplar Forest Archaeology staff. Archaeologists will provide site and lab tours of their recent work throughout the day. ] Ignored and not maintained for years, the mostly unreadable grave markers are toppled, worn and hidden beneath vegetation and branches. "Our main goal is to keep the cemetery as it is so it isn't lost," said local preservationist John Weiss, who lives near the cemetery and has written a book on historic Route 66 [ ] The church, now a museum owned by the Sauk County Historical Society, was built in 1880 by families who settled in southwestern Sauk County in an area known as Honey Creek. [ ] Thousands of irreplaceable fossils, dinosaur bones and preserved animal specimens have been destroyed at the New York State Museum because of poor care. [ ] There is interest throughout the city in restoring old fire alarm boxes for new uses. The D.C. Heritage Tourism Coalition is working to involve local historians and artists in turning these artifacts into neighborhood icons. They may be rusted, but they are not eyesores. They are part of our urban archaeology, reminders of an earlier era of police and fire service. [ ] George Mallory probably got to the top but fell, fatally, on the way down. The evidence is a vital set of figures scratched on an envelope found in his pocket. The American search expedition will return next year to search for the camera and Irvine's body. [ ] The English Heritage preservation body anounced on Monday that it is increasing by 50 percent its grants to historic buildings, ancient monuments, parks and gardens that are at risk. [ ] They existed as recently as 4,000 years ago on Wrangell Island. Paleo-Indians may have hunted them for food. Ross MacPhee, curator of the American Museum of Natural History, has developed an extinction theory. "We have reason to believe that these massive losses were due to disease transmitted during the first contact between ice age mammals and Paleo-Indians," MacPhee said. "Just as natives were affected by European-borne diseases during the conquest of the Americas, mammoths and other immunologically naive creatures could have been wiped out in a very short period of time by disease associated with humans." [ ]