From: Shereen Lerner Subject: Lynne Sebastian As some of you have heard, Lynne Sebastian, the New Mexico SHPO, is leaving her position. The Governor of New Mexico has requested her resignation. Lynne has been an excellent SHPO and is well respected nationally for her leadership and commitment to historic preservation and archaeological issues. I am asking those of you who work in New Mexico to take a few minutes and call the Governor's office on Lynne's behalf--please do so within the next few days. I also ask that you call the director of her agency. My request, however, is to call and express your regret that Dr. Sebastian has been asked to leave her position. Please emphasize her commitment to preservation-and emphasize that, under Lynne's leadership, the SHPO office has striven to be flexible, and help property owners and agencies in addressing their concerns. The SHPO office has been responsive to businesses as well in an effort to create a cooperative atmosphere. It would be helpful to provide anecdotes of cases where the SHPO was helpful or accomodating. Lynne has been a great leader of preservation both within and outside the state of New Mexico. Perhaps we can help the Governor's office understand the important role Lynne has played for New Mexico in strengthening the historic preservation program. Thanks for helping. Shereen Lerner [ SASIG Ed. Note -- Gov Gary Johnson; Governor Gary E. Johnson, Office of the Governor, State Capitol Building, Santa Fe, NM 87503; 505.827.3000 ]