Thursday October 28, 1999

ARIZONA The tradition of Día de los Muertos and its imagery increasingly have moved from personal settings - kitchens and living rooms - to the public domain - art galleries and museums. The Arizona Historical Society has an "altar de los angelitos" on display. This style of celebrating the holiday is markedly different from what happens in Mexico. A committee of historians is compiling a list of compelling moments in Mesa's history. This project is going to have problems. Mesa was founded by Mormon pioneers who walked up to the plateau and planted a bunch of oranges. Can this be captured on a plaque?

NEW MEXICO Santa Fe's Council OKs Camp Marker. The right thing is not to deny our history. We should not see history through the eyes of one person. We can't be rewriting history to make a group feel good about themselves. The Southern New Mexico Natural History Foundation gathered Wednesday to discuss the future of the Cenozoic Shop, which sells educational toys and gifts to enhance the museum experience. The museum store is in the midst of a financial crisis. The head of a treasure-hunting group trying to put to rest the legend of a huge gold stash in Victorio Peak on White Sands Missile Range was prohibited from spreading the ashes of his grandmother at the site.

TEXAS The cowboy industry got its start in 1749 when Spanish missionaries located Presidio La Bahia and Mission Espiritu Santo in Goliad. The mission was the first big ranch in Texas. Much of what makes Texas Texas originated in Goliad.

CYBERIA A guide to mammoth carving - careful thawing and dissection vs intact permanently frozen? To take it apart and then find some pounds of wool and two or three mammoth bones will make journalists very sad. It's better to have the block and say 'there's something inside'...and say our science is not ready to work with this.

[ ^ undoubtedly, best cultural interpretation of the year award ]