Sunday October 24, 1999

MEXICO After the conquest of Mexico in the 1500s, the new rulers' Catholic observance of All Saints' Day melded with the beliefs of the indigenous peoples. There is an optimistic message in Mexico's Day of the Dead celebration. In the afterlife, you'll get to make an annual journey home, visit loved ones, and raise hell!

CALIFORNIA The unique Space Age style is vanishing but should be preserved. Googie, car culture architecture, starts on the roadside. You can't preserve everything, you need room and money, but you can preserve memories with oral history, pictures and technology.

ARIZONA If voters approve Luis Gutierrez's $320 million Rio Nuevo project, he envisions the desert sporting cultural and historic features among shops, housing and museums.

NEW MEXICO Nothing marks the 28-acre site of the internment camp, and no exhibit or archive tells the story. Fajada Butte

CYBERIA Archaeologists discovered Paleo-Indian stone tools that date back 9,800 years. Fearing the site could be plowed over or developed, a New Mexico group, The Archaeological Conservancy, is negotiating to buy the 44-acre plot. The group plans to hold it in perpetuity for archaeologists of the future. This is an exciting time to be an archaeologist studying the earliest peoples of America. New data are making our old ideas obsolete. "Picture Yourself in the Past" utilizes first-person interpretation, and role-playing requiring participants to assume the identities of historical figures or create their own historically accurate persona in order to experience the past in a very personal way.,2107,500049112-500080430-500175813-0,00.html "Reason for Hope" is a one-hour PBS TV special, narrated by Harrison Ford and set to air beginning Wednesday. Jane Goodall asks us to look at the natural world through a spiritual window as well as a scientific one, and make a moral commitment to preserving it. When the people of this town decided two years ago to build a new museum, traditional fund-raising sources were running dry. A new resource turned out to be the region's farmers and ranchers. One of the fund-raising events is a three-day cattle drive set for next June. An historical society curator thinks of the hamburger origin myth as a cultural construct best taken with a grain of salt.