Sunday October 24, 1999

ARIZONA The Colorado Plateau seemed pretty barren and useless to Charles Wilkinson. In 1996, he drafted President Clinton's proclamation establishing the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah while working for the Interior Department. His book is titled "Fire on the Plateau: Conflict and Endurance in the American Southwest."

NEW MEXICO Gobernador Knob - Ch'oo'lii in Navajo - is revered because, according to Navajo legend, it is the place where Changing Woman gave birth to the Hero Twins, Monster Slayer and Born of Water. none of the revisions of the Navajo Criminal Code make provisions for peyote. Some will not vote for any revision of the criminal code that does not protect the right of Navajos to use peyote in religious services.

TEXAS The Shackelford County Courthouse is symbolic of what many historic Texas courthouses require these days expensive work. The competition is expected to be stiff for $50 million in grant money the Legislature set aside to restore working, historic courthouses.