Saturday October 23, 1999

MEXICO The research project looked into Mayan rubber balls. Their ancient recipe called for mixing latex with juice from a morning glory vine, and then stirring the concoction for 15 minutes.

NEW MEXICO Pupils will meet with traditional leaders to gain a sense of what Aztec Ruins means to contemporary Pueblo people. The chief of interpretation at the monument has worked with schools testing lesson plans incorporating the resources of this World Heritage Site into their curriculum.

ARIZONA The border impacts the O'odham of southern Arizona and northern Sonora. Many in Mexico do not speak O'odham. In the early 1900s, anthropologists and archaeologists claimed that the Hia-ced O'odham were extinct. Lt. Edward F. Beale was ordered to build a wagon road across the 35th Parallel. His secondary orders were to test the feasibility of the use of camels as pack animals in the southwestern desert. Southwest Electronic Texts

The only dates available for the MOGOLLON RIM CERAMIC CONFERENCE at MNA are one week after the SAAs in April 2000, or most weekends in May, or the first weekend of June. We have the option of a weekend conference if this makes it easier. More information will be available around the new year. Preliminary work has produced three potential editors, a possible publisher, and potential funding sources. Steve Nash, Mike Jacobs and I are looking into the work necessary to produce a CD of whole vessels for the volume. Any ideas (about the CD or otherwise) from participants would be great at this point. Deb Dosh

CALIFORNIA On Tuesday morning, skeletal remains of a Native American were discovered during an archeological investigation near a construction site at UC Davis. A circa 1850s stagecoach has been returned to its original light green brilliance after two years of work. Operated by California Stage Co. during Gold Rush days, the coach is on permanent display at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

CYBERIA Ken Kvamme uses four image technologies: magnetometry; electrical resistivity; electromagnetic conductivity; and, GPR. He combines these into a single image. Pharaohs curse? FORGET FATAL FUNGI and booby traps. High radon levels may not have done early Egyptologists much good.