Friday October 22, 1999


Southwest Symposium 2000 January 13-15, Santa Fe NM


You are invited to attend a public meeting to discuss a new master plan for Mesa's Park ofthe Canals, October 26, 1999, 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Mesa Southwest Museum Annex, 34 N. Macdonald. Mesa's Park of the Canals is a unique archaeological and educational resource. The City of Mesa's mission for the park is to protect the archaeological, historical and natural resources on the site, and to provide unique educational experiences related to these resources. A citizens committee has been working to develop a master plan for this important site, and will present this plan to the public at this meeting. Proposed changes include: relocation of the park playground to a nearby site; development of a visitors center; installation of Hohokam & Pioneer agricultural exhibits; informational displays relaed to canals and irrigation; creation of educational walking trail system. Your input is vital! Help us plan the future of this unique resource for the generations to come. Park of the Canals is operated by the City of Mesa Parks, Recreation and Cultural Division. Information: (480) 644-2351 At Hopi, tourism and development pose significant opportunities to educate the public about traditional culture and generate income. 16th annual Apache Jii Celebration, 10/23 Globe AZ, 9AM - ?. Featuring more than 100 booths of Native American wares, food, singing, dancing and storytelling on Broad Street in downton Globe. Apache Crown Dancers and Yaqui dancers. In Chandler, the whole block will be put back to the way it was circa 1912 to 1918. The one-story brick and stucco buildings were built in 1915, according to estimates by the state Historic Preservation Office, which deems them potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

UTAH Scientists digging at College of Eastern Utah (CEU) sites during the past decade had little, teeny, wedge-shaped heads and big, fat bodies. [...and we've always suspected as much...]

CALIFORNIA Three local preservationists are preparing to spend nearly $800,000 to restore a historically significant structure. It's about preserving history and preventing yet another key piece of downtown from becoming a parking lot.

CYBERIA Mambo the mammoth goes on the Internet auction block Nov 1. The twist: a bastion of preservation is selling the piece. Paul Martin wants to return elephants to the Wild West by creating a pleistocene park. Humans came to America long ago and they migrated from south to north.