Tuesday October 19, 1999

ARIZONA As president of First Nation Dance Company, Donaghey believes that Arizona is doing a good job attracting millions in European tourism dollars. He also believes that other states, particularly New Mexico, need to follow Arizona's lead in promoting Indian Country -- and Route 66, another source of fascination for Europeans and a favorite subject of European writers and photographers.

COLORADO Twenty-five percent of all deer mice collected in the ecological study area tested positive for hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in August, compared to only 4.2 percent in June. Since the first hantavirus outbreak in the Four Corners area in 1993, there have been 17 cases in Colorado resulting in 10 deaths.

THIEVES IN THE NIGHT Williams took fossils, pottery, ceremonial objects, dinosaur bones and pictographs. He dug graves because of the Navajo tradition of burying valuables with the deceased. He saved human skulls in his Farmington home. He stole a mask from a cave near Farmington and sold it in Tucson for $25,000. The jish were recovered in a federal undercover operation after being tracked through a number of art dealers in Santa Fe and New York. Two men are charged with attempting to sell the headdress over the Internet for $1.2 million, violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and Migratory Bird Protection Act. Arguably more painful to Deming, however, is the threatened forfeiture of his family heirloom to the U.S. government. Geronimo wore the headdress at a ceremonial farewell of surviving chiefs.

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