Monday October 18, 1999


From: Julie Longenecker A two-day ARPA Training for Law Enforcement taught from a tribal perspective by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation will be offered on October 28-29 At HAMMER in Richland, Washington. There are a few spots left. Please contact me offline if interested. Julia Longenecker CTUIR Richland Office 509-946-1859

UTAH The Utah Ski Archives include close to 200 oral history interviews, critical components of documenting early activities in the canyons, a tie into environmentalism. The collection also includes river running history in Utah, including rare photos of Glen Canyon before it was inundated. The next emphasis will be on Utah mountain climbing.

COLORADO At Crow Canyon, Rick West described the evolution of the Smithsonian an institution of cultural history. La Plata County public schools have found their own solution to the controversy over teaching evolution or creationism: Avoid the part about humans. The main focus of the venture is to provide a tourist attraction that highlights some of Colorado's past.

ARIZONA Dr. Richard V. Lee will discuss the origins of man in "Through the Eye of a Needle." The 7:30 p.m. lecture is sponsored by the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society. Reconstruction of the Convento and Mission Gardens of the Spanish period will stress the archaeology and interpretation of the O'odham and Hohokam. Proposed new downtown museums include the Museum of Discovery (Science Center), the Arizona Historical Society and the Sonoran Sea Aquarium. It's tradition for Navajos to ask for protection from the one called the "female water with the meandering soul" as they cross the Little Colorado. Urban Navajo are trying to decode the tongue of their grandparents. As more Navajo move to cities, English begins to replace the Navajo language.

CYBERIA 167 green notebooks have tribal members feeling like they' re traveling in a time machine. Anthropology professor Morris Swadesh language preservation project ended in 1941. While early notebooks were translated, typed, and given to the tribe, 167 other notebooks were boxed up and forgotten.,2107,500046456-500075933-500182321-0,00.html Like many places tied to the Cold War, this one is looking for a new role. So, the government is considering opening the top-secret area to tour operators who would guide visitors through the historical sites of tragedy and pain. Why not an A-bomb crater? The Dream Society How the Coming Shift from Information to Imagination Will Transform Your Business. Confronted by the end of the cold war, American defense assembly lines have been replaced by soundstages with an annual net gain nearly $20 billion. Which services will be in demand in competitive markets? Probably those that meet our need for meaning, purpose, historical context, and excitement. Corporate looters will travel to buy myths from natives... Greenland's main export will be fairy tales; Australia's primary product will be aboriginal legends. What else are Pocahontas and Mulan? Knowledge of past civilizations and prehistory, in great measure drawn from archaeology, is far from complete; important finds continue to fill gaps. But scientists cannot stay ahead of the looters. Scientific American Nov/Dec issue covers the controversy. Who Really Were The First Humans In The Americas? Dillehay's Monte Verde findings are challenged by Stuart Fiedel.