Tuesday October 12, 1999

NEW MEXICO Tourism professionals from throughout the state will meet at Western New Mexico University in Silver City Wednesday through Friday for the Governor's Conference on Tourism. A forum on cultural tourism will wrap up the conference Friday.

COLORADO A budget committee on Monday recommended that the Mesa County Commission cut funding to the Museum of Western Colorado from $500,000 to $400,000 for 2000.

UTAH,1249,125007838,00.html? The nonprofit Four Corners School of Outdoor Education has released its schedule for the year 2000. To obtain a schedule, call 1-800-525-4456. In a ceremony near a restored Pony Express station, a partnership between state and federal government and private preservation groups was announced. The area teems with pioneer history. Portions of the Donner-Reed, Mormon Pioneer, California, Overland Stage and Pony Express trails pass through the ranch on their way to Salt Lake City. Three Mormon Militia fortifications, built to repel an advancing U.S. Army in 1857-58, remain on the ranch.

CALIFORNIA Archaeologists looking for artifacts uncovered human remains last week. Because a logging operation planned for the area, the U.S. Forest Service had to search for artifacts before approval of the plan. A recent anthropological profile of Silicon Valley provides some serious food for thought. "It's not so much a life lived," said Charles Darrah, one of the San Jose anthropologists, "but a life managed."

CYBERIA Dr. Agenbroad says many species can attribute their extinction at least in part to the rise of homo sapiens, and therefore it is partly our responsibility to assist in their revival, if possible. But history and evolution turned against the woolly mammoths. According to Alicia Lara and Rudolfo Cuellar, Columbus was a symbolic start of ethnic diversity in the New World. "Saving America's Treasures," the National Preservation Conference, Oct 19-24; Washington, D.C. Conference schedule at Nov 2-5 Eleventh Annual Meeting, Federal Preservation Forum (FPF); Nov 4-6 International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection (IFCPP)