Friday October 8, 1999

ARIZONA In the past, we have only been able to identify them (archaeological and biologically sensitive sites) and put them into a book. Now, we need to do more to protect them.

CYBERIA Fostering and protecting our cultural legacy is basic to improving the effectiveness of education, public health, the production of goods and services and how we manage our cities. Culture lies at the very heart of efforts to reduce poverty. In the New Mexico timber sale and the Makah whale hunt, the basic notion the proponents advanced is that anything an indigenous minority anywhere has ever done, or claimed to have done at any time in the past, is to be considered a tradition and respected as an integral component of an irreplaceable culture. Disagree, and you may be labeled as a racist or a colonialist. Indians helped pioneers pull their wagons from the mud and rescued pioneers from rain-swollen rivers. Spring Creek Prairie is the ideal place for teaching such events because the scars left by the covered wagons of pioneers are still visible. The Nebraska City/Fort Kearny Cutoff to the Oregon Trail runs through the land. Arrowheads, possibly used by Pawnee tribe members, and a scraping tool also have been found. The Smithsonian celebrates Tupperware as an empowering experience. Yellowstone National Park archivist Lee Whittlesey and museum curator Susan Kraft are up to their ears in it, out of space since 1993. A preservation group's lawsuit could stall plans to rebury ruins of the Erie Canal.,2107,500042561-500069178-500139945-0,00.html Dutch mutiny graves found in Australia. 9th century skeletal remains to go on display in Spanish museum. two weeks ago, four other prehistoric skeletons had been unearthed by bulldozers excavating the post office site for Melkbosstrand. However the context of their burial was destroyed and archaeologically valuable information was lost.