Tuesday October 6, 1999

From: Marilyn Joslin Sklar I need assistance from an archaeologist who is using GIS in rock art research.


The highest concentration of rock art in the Western Hemisphere - Little Petroglyph Canyon, Upper Mojave Desert, Fall tour dates: Oct 2-3,16,30-31; Nov 6-7,13-14,20-21,27-28; Dec 4-5,11-12. Tours The Antelope Valley's first residents probably hunted woolly mammoths, land sloths or bison. Not long after pinon became a major food source, Valley dwellers learned to stalk acorns.


Seedy paleo-ethnobotanists may like the $100 Intel Play QX3 Computer Microscope for Windows 98. Plug it in your USB port and take snapshots or time-lapse videos of the invisibly tiny world. As it can perform tricks unimagined by Leeuwenhoek, curious archaeologists might try to stick this thing where they shouldn't.

Parabounce gives archaeologists an unprecedented aerial view without hallucinogens (would Carlos Castaneda approve?) One Giant Leap

CYBERIA A change in Kentucky school curriculum guidelines eliminating the word "evolution" has touched off the second uproar over U.S. science education in less than two months. The phrase "change over time" had been substituted for the word "evolution" in guidelines for middle school and high school science courses. The Duke Primate Center is the only university-operated center that concentrates on studying and protecting prosimians such as lemurs, lorises, and galagoes. Studying prosimians can yield insights into the early history of human ancestors. A 1991 Smithsonian exhibit was described as "reducing the saga of America's Western pioneers to little more than victimization, disillusionment and environmental rape." The complex story of America's native cultures should be told without bias or belligerence. Instead, the museum will subject visitors to a sanitized, one-sided history and victim-group mythology. Forensic anthropologists unearthed bone, but told reporters it was too soon to tell if the fragments were human.