Monday October 4, 1999

NEVADA The Lassen Trail took pioneers across the dreaded Black Rock Desert and up High Rock Canyon before crossing California's Warner Mountains. It was used by about half of all 25,000 California-bound emigrants in 1849, and was cursed by them because of its dry stretches and roundabout route.

ARIZONA In connection with further testing, the Arizona Accelerated Mass Spectrometry Facility was picked to test Kennewick Man. The UA spectrometer will measure the ratio of stable carbon to carbon-14 in 6.5 grams of bone from the skeleton's left tibia. The testing will occur over a series of weeks, with the results being sent to the U.S. Department of Interior by November. The mighty Colorado continues to challenge man just as it did 130 years ago when Civil War veteran and river explorer John Wesley Powell risked his life to chart the Colorado. There is the unresolved issue of American Indian water rights for tribes along the river and the roles of the state and federal governments in managing the river.

COLORADO Shelves upon shelves hold pots, baskets, jewelry and other artifacts that only a few curators and art historians ever see. The 6 percent of Denver's collection that is on display compares with an average 15 to 20 percent in comparable museums nationwide, experts estimate. A bond issue on the November ballot seeks to put at least 20 percent of the collection on view by nearly doubling the size of the 170,000-square-foot museum between 14th Avenue and Denver's Civic Center. Two ballot questions will ask Puebloans to approve the financing of a scientific and cultural tax district. At least 10 percent but not more than 15 percent would go to independent institutions such as El Pueblo Museum. Flourishing cultural and scientific institutions would attract new businesses.

NEW MEXICO The windows of the 113-year-old Deming Train Depot have reflected the faces of five U.S. presidents, Pancho Villa, and Geronimo. Demingite Ann Brennan was one of the people who tried to save the depot six years ago. "We were very nervous because in Lordsburg they came in and destroyed the depot overnight without consulting the local residents," Brennan said.

TEXAS A massive renovation project for the San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park calls for re-creating much of the natural site as it was during the battle of April 21, 1836: knee-high prairie grass where the battle was fought, a marsh that blocked the escape of the Mexican soldiers and an oak grove where the Texian Army was encamped. At the edge of the property east of Pasadena, a new museum with a visitor's center would be opened to house about 300,000 artifacts, most now in storage.

CYBERIA,2107,500041162-500066918-500103688-0,00.html Since 1991, the federal government has required states to spend 10 percent of their highway money on projects such as bikeways, scenic highways and preservation of historic sites. In the end, the landscape architects claim, their proposal will double the region's tourist industry without harming the environment.,1575,SAV-9910040100,00.html Mound Bayou residents are looking to their roots, working to create a tourist area highlighting African-American history. Residents are fighting to save the Mound Bayou bank building, one of the few remaining landmarks still standing. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it will remove and rebury the skeletal remains it unearthed last month on the Mississippi River levee near White Castle. The burial site was the former Mount Salem cemetery, which was used from 1884 until the flood of 1927. Parks Canada will offer interpretation tours on the history of the Rideau Canal and the area now known as Confederation Square. Artifacts will be displayed, including some found during recent excavation work at the site. Diggers unearthed the foundations of a blacksmith's building in use at the time the Rideau Canal was built between 1826 and 1832. Prime Minister Ehud Barak officially opened new archaeological excavations on Sunday near the Temple Mount, a flashpoint of Arab-Israeli enmity. The archaeological site includes a staircase used by pilgrims to the ancient Jewish Temple and the ruins of a portico built by King Herod. The site's political and religious sensitivity exploded in bloodshed three years ago, when Barak's hardline predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a new entrance punched into a tourist tunnel near the compund. Sixty Palestinians and 15 Israelis were killed in ensuing gunbattles in the West Bank and Gaza.