Friday October 1, 1999

ARIZONA The Arizona State Museum permanent interactive exhibit "Paths of Life" keeps the Tucson museum on the cutting edge.

CYBERIA What one specialist called Boston's most important collection of historical artifacts ever excavated from the depths of the earth comprises 500 boxes of trash. There's a quarter of a million seeds, preserved intestinal parasites and grain weevils - Colonial Boston available for public inspection. Katherine Nanny Naylor was one of the first women to obtain a legal divorce in the New World.,2107,500039805-500064553-500095477-0,00.html By reburying the remains there is a tremendous amount of information that will be lost. This particular collection is obviously not going to be available anymore. Some members of a now-extinct species of human, the Neanderthals, practiced cannibalism. These bones are much different from the Neanderthal remains from the Croatian site of Krapina. The newly-unearthed bones from Moula-Guercy remove any doubts about a feast. This was accomplished by taking detailed notes of the associated context of stone tools, animal remains, and even the sediment layers in which the bones were embedded. They butchered six with the objective being the removal of soft tissues and marrow. All skulls were cracked open, and limbs defleshed and smashed for their marrow. Brains are very high in fat, as is bone marrow. In cold Europe, you're looking at what it took to stick it out. The everyday lives of nonroyal Egyptians - really good stuff for reconstructing social history. Investigations at one of the Roman Empire's most remote military postings have shown how life was organised to protect people against surprise attacks. The world's oceans may contain up to 1 million shipwrecks, each a time capsule waiting to be found.