Tuesday November 30, 1999

CALIFORNIA The non-profit Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation have worked for years to bring attention to the place to save the buildings as a way of remembering a piece of American history overshadowed by the tourist-friendly Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York harbor.

ARIZONA The award for Arizona's best renovation job of a business front for under $10,000 goes to Pink Banana Enterprises and the Motherlode Antiques!

UTAH,1249,145007227,00.html? Want to start a transportation-related museum? Qualified enhancements include the acquisition of scenic or historic sites, construction of tourist information or welcome centers, rail corridor preservation, transportation-related museums, historic preservation, the rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities and archaeological planning and research.

COLORADO The Clinton administration will endorse a proposal for a national park at the Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado's San Luis Valley.

NEW MEXICO The budget bill also includes $3 million toward the purchase of land for the Petroglyph National Monument at Albuquerque; $1.8 million to acquire 375 acres of private land within the Pecos National Historical Park and the Glorieta Civil War Battlefield, and $1 million to acquire a tract of land near the Cieneguilla Petroglyph site. Animal bones and pottery from the 1840s have been uncovered in Mesilla. The discovery was made Oct. 9. Efforts began last week to formally chronicle Mesilla's history. Town officials have asked Mesilla residents to share historical documents and photos, and the response is starting to trickle in.

TEXAS Charles Goodnight and his wife Molly have become legendary in the Panhandle.

From Marguerite Davis The El Paso Archaeological Society will meet Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 7:30 p.m. at the Wilderness Park Museum. The program will include the election of officers for 2000, and dedication of the archaeology lab to John Hedrick. Slides will recap activities of 1999. Plan to join us. Marguerite Davis, 755-3757


[?necesita ayuda con una traduccion?] Cancelan turistas viajes a la Sierra. De un 20 a un 30 por ciento es el volumen de reservaciones canceladas en por lo menos dos hoteles de la Sierra Tarahumara, el Creel Copper Canyon y Parador de la Montana, como consecuencia de que las autoridades federales impusieron el pago de un deposito de 400 hasta 800 dolares para la internacion temporal de vehiculos a partir de diciembre, informaron ayer empleados de estas empresas.

CYBERIA Petr Hlavacek of the Technical University in Brno, Czech Republic, traveled to Eugene this month to examine the Museum of Natural History's collection of 10,000-year-old footwear. It was then that Hlavacek proclaimed a group of woven sandals the oldest shoes in the world.,1155,118084,00.html The mountains in Alaska are littered with plane wrecks. But Flight 4422 was different. It came from China. And it was rumored to be loaded with Chiang Kai-shek's gold.$02.frm While tribes are pleased to have remains and goods returned, there is a growing uneasiness in the scientific community about the reburial, or repatriation, effort by the tribes. Scientists mourn the loss of knowledge that comes with reburying rather than studying what is found. Walter Neves, an archaeologist from the University of Sao Paolo, has taken extensive skull measurements from dozens of skulls, including the oldest, a young woman who has been named Lucia. The measurements show that Lucia was anything but mongoloid. Carbon dating and DNA tests will be performed on a mummy child discovered in a volcanic cave in Antofagasta, in the northwestern province of Catamarca, high in the Andes. Mummified remains of two girls and a boy have been found on top of a volcano in the Andes.,3604,109218,00.html A new survey technique has solved the mystery of how the emperors managed to feed a city of more than 1m people. Geophysical techniques use magnetic impulses to x-ray soil. Computers are programmed to interpret moisture, density and solid objects. Software analyses and reconstructs with no need to dig at the initial stage. There is so much to be done to spread the knowledge of Indian history. For two centuries, colonialist historians appropriated Indian past for their own purposes. What they left for us was a mutilated version of our past. We are barely emerging from that hell.