Monday November 29, 1999

CALIFORNIA Car-obsessed Southern California may lose its shrine to the automobile -- the Petersen Automotive Museum. Loss of the museum would be a blow to auto fanciers and, some say, to the public. Automotive historians say it could eliminate a valuable historical teaching tool.

ARIZONA is the new web site for the Arizona Archaeological Society. Also see Diné language to be released on CD-ROM soon. Navajo, an Athabascan-based language, originally was only an oral tongue, without a written alphabet. Earlier this century, a phonetically based alphabet was developed using English letters with a large variety of accent marks.

UTAH Built in 1851, just four years after Mormon settlers arrived in Utah, it is one of the oldest homes in the Salt Lake Valley.

COLORADO Today marks the 135th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre.

NEW MEXICO For information about the Hispanic Culture Foundation: (505) 766-9858, P.O. Box 7279, Albuquerque, N.M. 87194.

From: CALL FOR POSTER ABSTRACTS SOUTHWEST SYMPOSIUM 2000: At the Millennium: Change and Challenge in the Greater Southwest. Poster session registration deadline extended to December 17. The Southwest Symposium is currently accepting abstracts for posters to be exhibited at next years meeting. The conference is being held January 13, 14 and 15 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The seventh biennial conference will synthesize and review recent advances in Southwestern Archaeology. Posters on any aspect of archaeology in the Greater Southwest will be considered and displayed at the James A. Little Theater on Friday (all day) and Saturday morning. If you or your institution are conducting any research that would fit well on a poster please submit: Your Name(s), Your Institution's Name, Tentative Title, Brief hundred word or less abstract, Tentative display ideas; and, any questions to -- Michael Larkin Department of Museum and Field Studies Hunter 115 Campus Box 218 Boulder, CO 80309. We will be reviewing abstracts and selecting posters by Friday December 17 1999. More details on the Southwest Symposium 2000 and registration information at The Cumbres & Toltec is more than just an excursion-train ride; it's the continuation of a legendary Western railroad dating back to the rough-and-tumble times of timbering and mining in the Mountain West. It's treasure in need of refining, not the stuff of slag heaps. This railroad deserves closer attention from leaders of both states.

CYBERIA A trunk found in an attic allows an area historian to bring Civil War hero to life. 'Forgotten Valor' is one of the most important first-person accounts by a major Civil War officer published in the last hundred years. Puerto Rico's first museum devoted to nuclear energy is too hot for some: It's inside an old reactor dome, parts of which are still radioactive. Anthropologists in Yugoslavia uncovered evidence that prehistoric humans flossed. The signs of flossing were found in tiny, symmetrical grooves in skeleton teeth. Anthropologists speculate that they flossed with stringy animal tissues -- like sinews or tendons. The prehistoric people also apparently used bones as toothpicks.