Sunday November 28, 1999

CALIFORNIA New owners are using the landmark cemetery to launch a virtual revolution in how we remember the dead with online digital memorials, biographies and family archives, DNA preservation, and online interactive memorial services with holograms, where you have a person participating in (his) own service.

UTAH,1249,145006927,00.html? Historians are upset about a home being built atop a 100-year-old cemetery.,1249,135007905,00.html? The Antiquities Act of 1906 can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A solution would be to repeal the act all together.

COLORADO New museum a step closer at Mesa Verde now that an organization is seeking to buy nearly 35 acres at the site. Wiese said the plan for the museum goes back to the 1920s, but has been reinvigorated by leading travel magazines. The October 1999 issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine called Mesa Verde one of "50 destinations of a lifetime" across the globe. In 1998, Conde Nast chose Mesa Verde as one of the three top historic destinations in the world.

TEXAS An apartment parking lot, convenience store and car wash were built over parts of the cemetery. "It's almost reached tragic proportions in Texas," said Mark Denton, director of the state and federal review section of the Texas Historical Commission's archaeology division. Tarrant County has more than 300 historical markers, more than any other Texas county. Denton County has more than 60 historical markers, many of them documenting the area's ties to the Civil War, railroads and the cattle industry. Historical markers are approved after a comprehensive application process. Rosenwald buildings in Lockhart and Seguin were recently placed on the National Register. For the last two years there have been presentations on Rosenwald schools at the National Preservation Trust Conference, the premier event for preservationists nationwide. The 1909 Randall County Courthouse has survived two lawsuits, one failed bond issue and two attempts to tear it down - and that's just been in the past 15 years. Antelope have invaded the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site, munching their way into trouble. The nilgai don't fit in with the park's mission to restore the historic site to its original state. The battle was fought in 1846 and was the first battle of the Mexican American War, with Gen. Zachary Taylor's American troops defeating Mexican soldiers led by Gen. Mariano Arista.

MEXICO Ivan Thompson, the self-styled "Cowboy Cupid" of Columbus, N.M., recently found himself two hours south of the border looking for love. This month, he self-published a memoir of his romantic efforts in a slim pink paperback ($19.95), titled "Cowboy Cupid: Mail Order Brides and Other Tales from the Desert Southwest." The Tarahumara are the poorest of the poor. The Tarahumaras are one of more than 30 tribes in Mexico. An estimated 50,000 to 65,000 Tarahumaras are now spread throughout the sierra. The Tarahumaras call themselves Rarámuri -- "foot runners" -- because they are known to run nonstop for up to 170 miles.

CYBERIA Ashley Montagu died Friday in Princeton, N.J. He was 94. Attracted to the "Culture and Personality" school at Columbia University founded by Franz Boaz, the teacher of Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict, Montagu enrolled in the graduate program there in 1934. In John Ford's 1962 film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," will the editor report the true story? "This is the West, sir," the editor famously replies. "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend." Proposed Illinois Museum To Tell Lincoln's Life Story. Construction is expected to begin in a year, with the library section to be completed in late 2002 and the museum finished in 2003. At Jamestown, the colonists were making beads and pendants to trade for food, and they ate their horses cut up in dainty squares. The curriculum for the tough streets comprises logic, literature, moral philosophy, art history and American history. The students read Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Langston Hughes, Jean-Paul Sartre. They study Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Picasso. Teaching follows the Socratic method.,1575,SAV-9911280292,00.html Regardless of Syria's image in the West as a rogue, autocratic state, more than 80 foreign archeological teams are at work in the country. Part of the new focus is a result of the difficulty scientists have had getting into Iraq and Iran. The Syrian government of President Hafez Assad also has made strides in professionalizing its archeological capability. It has tried to field more Syrian archeologists, designated more resources toward preserving the finds and passed a tough law this year against antiquities smuggling and desecration of ancient sites.