Saturday November 27, 1999

NEVADA Preserving Nevada's Documentary Heritage, 1997-2005 is available by e-mail:, or snail mail at State Archives and Records, 100 N. Stewart St., Carson City 89701-4285.

COLORADO 90 years of the Antiquities Act. Spirit of Pioneer Women 2000 Engagement Calendar & History of Colorado's West Slope Area is the third publication in the series on area female pioneers. The Surface Creek Valley Historical Society decided not to establish a car museum. Last year, Mallett offered to donate 25 vehicles worth $385,600 to the city of Delta. A committee developed plans for a $2.8 million museum and convention center but was unable to implement the idea.

NEW MEXICO It's a sure mark of the tech-hip '90s when you purchase a cultural, spiritual experience and awe-inspiring views by inserting a credit card into an ATM. Tsankawi, an ancestral pueblo, is loved to death. Only now it costs $10. The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is seeking artifacts, photos and documents from several prisoner-of-war camps that supplied farm and ranch workers during World War II. The Las Cruces museum plans to spend the next two years gathering information for a special exhibit about the use of German and Italian POWs as agricultural laborers in the state during 1943-1945. New Mexico had three main sites and 19 branch camps. Anyone with information about artifacts, photos or documents is asked to contact the museum (505) 522-4100.

TEXAS The remains of more than 100 American Indians are to be reburied this morning on the grounds of Mission San Juan Capistrano, more than 30 years after being excavated from the site. The first time they were being buried as Catholics. This time they're being buried as Coahuiltecans. When the classes begin in January, volunteers will teach children traditional dances and stickball, and about native plants and their medicinal uses.

CYBERIA The lonely Basque sheepherder endures and is now celebrated every autumn in the Sun Valley area with the Trailing of the Sheep Festival. Visitors will find sheep camps to explore and demonstrations in shearing, sheepdog herding, and wool-spinning, as well as Basque folk music and dancing and traditional Basque games like stone-lifting and wood-chopping. Israel's Foreign Ministry has just posted its list of volunteer-seeking archeological digs, and as in years past, it's a mighty tempting document. For all the details Technology Buried With Pompeii would be instantly recognizable today. Archeologists have wondered if many of the objects were produced on site or imported from other Italian cities.