Tuesday November 16, 1999


Seven workshops are being held on January 5, just prior to the SHA conference (January 6-9) Workshops: Coping with Saturated Artifacts; Archaeological Illustration; Cultural Landscapes; Practical Forensic Bioarchaeology for the Historical Archaeologist; Identification and Analysis of Military Artifacts; Introduction to the National Register of Historic Places; Dating Glass Tableware 1800-1940. Check out the website or email Terry Majewski at

CALIFORNIA A four-year pursuit paid off with a $428,000 grant toward saving Needles' historic Harvey House last week. Listed nationally as one of the top ten most endangered stations last year, the El Garces served as depot, hotel and restaurant in the heyday of rail travel in the American West.

NEVADA The impact statement was delayed four to six months because of Las Vegas Springs, the city's original water source. Archaeological digs are currently under way. Gov. Kenny Guinn says he can understand how motorists develop "road rage." He told the state Transportation Department to accelerate the road expansion as soon as federal approval is received. [ Ed. Note -- Sure, blame the archaeologists, but why wasnt archaeology considered a bit earlier in the planning process?]

ARIZONA Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said parents are always foreigners in their children's native country. I always had a sense of what she was getting at. But I never dreamed it would take an extended trip to the world of Pokémon for me to understand fully the truth of her insight. [Ed. Note -- And heck... I'm still trying to figure out the Hohokam Polveron Phase. Now we've got the Pokemon Phase... its' saving grace... it should make a great time horizon marker for UofA garbology digs of the future.] After 100 years, Fort Verde State Park's buildings are receiving a structural shot in the arm thanks to a newly obtained grant for nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The adobe and rammed-earth walls are being examined for structural integrity and are being repaired. The latest Hollywood interpretation of tribal peoples in Northern Arizona is a slick piece of propaganda. Full of emotionalism, historical inaccuracies, stereotypes of Indians and nefarious federal and energy interests, the video makes astounding pronouncements. Local political in-fighting further derail the preservation effort at Spur Cross Ranch.

NEW MEXICO Museum of New Mexico Board of Regents lobbies legislators for $8 million to overhaul its state history museum, The Palace of the Governors. The board voted unanimously Monday to make the museum its first funding priority. The palace basement contains state treasures endangered by leaky pipes and exposed wiring. The Board also is supporting requests for the Bosque Redondo monument. New Mexico Sen. Pete Campos plans to introduce legislation building a new monument at Fort Sumner recognizing the U.S. Army's relocation and confinement between 1864 and 1868 of the Navajo and Mescalero Apache at Bosque Redondo. The history of the Armijo family is preserved at the Branigan Cultural Center where exhibits feature various household items. Nestor Armijo, prominent businessman and rancher, is buried here, along with his wife and children and other family members. Armijo died in 1911. The Armijo home, the first two-story home in Las Cruces, dates back to the 1870s.

TEXAS People who've visited the museum's website have been able to cast online votes for the 12 most influential women in American history. The results will be part of an exhibit at the museum. Museum officials are now asking people to vote on what artifacts should be included in a time capsule that exemplifies women's lives today. The time capsule will be part of another exhibit. Council Chambers of the City of Austin are built over a notorious vice district called Guytown. Archaeologists are intrigued by an 1870s cistern for collecting rainwater, a privy where people threw stuff they didn't want anyone else to see. African-American scouts, Issac Payne and Pompey Factor, received Medals of Honor in 1875 on the Pecos River for attacking a party of Comanches that was attempting to kill the white commander of the Indian Scouts.

CYBERIA,3266,34381,00.html Creationism is not science. It is faith crudely disguised as science. Creationism has no part in the serious curriculum of any serious country. Rising traffic in stalactites and stalagmites has alarmed those working to preserve China's geological patrimony. Poor Chinese farmers often raid nearby caves and plunder their contents. Crates full of precious rock formations have been shipped both legally and illegally out of the country to collectors and dealers worldwide, particularly enthusiasts in eastern Asia who use them in landscaping and decorating. Many thieves don't understand the true value of their loot.