Wednesday November 10, 1999


The final year of this century (AD 2000) is almost upon us (hey, in case you're confused about all the claims and counter-claims, the new millennium really begins 01 Jan 2001). To celebrate the the beginning of the end of this millennium, the SWA web site will be revamped during December 1999. A new interface, re-organized links, and newly completed projects will roll out in January 2000. Call it a fresh start for "SWA CULTURE" (Confusion Un-Leveraged Technology, Ubiquitous Reliable Efforts). You are encouraged to suggest new themes, topics, and organizational methods to help further un-leverage confusion.

Remember,, but, between now and the end of December, visit SWA and get what you need. Most of the archival artifacts now on the SWA server will be yanked come January 2000. Not to despair, we plan to burn CD's of the 1994-1999 SWA data. This data we can make available to researchers.

Brian Kenny
Matthias Giessler

CALIFORNIA Underground tours of the 6,000-foot Eureka Tunnel will add to the glimpse of gold mining history already available at the park through a restored miner's home, an assay office, a working blacksmith shop and the Mohawk stamp mill, said George Ross, president of the Plumas Eureka State Park Association, which coordinated the tunnel restoration.

UTAH,1249,125015238,00.html? The Timpanogos Tribe filed a lawsuit Monday in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City in a sovereignty dispute with the Northern Ute Tribe. The Utes say they're unaware there is a Timpanogos Tribe. The tribe is composed of the Cucumbrah, Pahvant, Sanpitch and Weber bands.

Bottle Identification Problem - I'm working with Utah State History analyzing stuff from an historical site. I'm having problems finding info on bottles and have created a webpage with pictures and information. I hope to find someone with information about bottles pictured on the web site. Cheers! Laurel Heap

CYBERIA,1741,500055396-500091100-500333347-0,00.html At Yale, Bush earned an 88 in philosophy, anthropology and history. The low was a 69 in astronomy.,2107,500055389-500091087-500333233-0,00.html During the 1950s, Hunter recorded folklore from people he met on Missouri's dirt roads. To win their trust, Hunter would offer to help run moonshine down into Arkansas. Then he would go back and get a song for doing the delivery. Some of the songs could be traced back hundreds of years. Across southern Chile, a growing indigenous rebellion is taking up arms and waging a "smart war" to take back ancestral lands. It is a campaign of nighttime sabotage raids and civil disobedience with billions of dollars worth of international investments in forestry, mining and hydroelectric projects at stake in an increasingly violent conflict. Neither side shows signs of a willingness to compromise. Officials fear the problem could tarnish Chile's image as one of Latin America's most investment-friendly nations.