Wednesday November 3, 1999

TEXAS Opposition by neighborhood residents and the San Antonio Conservation Society helped persuade the city's Zoning Commission on Tuesday to deny a zoning change sought to build a trailer park next to the historic San Juan Acequia. The acequia is to be restored and returned to irrigation use as part of the master plan for the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

NEW MEXICO If the details can be worked out, Aztec could be home to a 1917 Dodge, a 1923 Nash Roadster and 23 other vintage automobiles worth a combined total of $385,000. Andy Malett of Delta, Colo., has offered a collection of restored automobiles to the city and the Aztec Museum Association for an antique car museum.

ARIZONA Tonight, historian Jane Eppinga discusses a handful of corrupt lawmen. Her talk is part of the Arizona Historical Society's series on notorious episodes and characters. Tonight's lecture is "Tarnished Badges." It's 7-9 at 949 E. Second St. $6; discounts available. 628-5774

From: anthony zeh All who are interested in the fate of Tovrea Castle and the Carraro Cactus Gardens: Here is your unique opportunity to tour the Castle Grounds and the Castle itself! The Friends of Tovrea Castle invite you to a reception this coming Sunday from 3:00 pm until Sundown. Come and see what a wonderful site this is from the INSIDE. You will see why it is so important to secure the remaining privately-owned 24 acres to add to what the City of Phoenix already owns so that the entire property can be restored along with the Castle. Emily (602) 264-6015

UTAH,1249,125013443,00.html? Meave Leakey, 57, is one of the world's foremost researchers into the paleontology of hominids, two-legged primates. She speaks tonight at Kingsbury Hall, University of Utah, starting at 7 p.m. in a free public lecture "The Search and Discovery of our Earliest Ancestors," sponsored by the Utah Museum of Natural History.

NEVADA Officials from The Children's Museum of Northern Nevada were crushed Tuesday morning, wondering who broke in and stole the $3,000 they raised over the weekend. Meehan said she has an idea who stole the money. "They're close to the museum. We have a few ideas who it is. If they'll send back the money, we'll not press any charges," she said. Michael Hillerby has been named the new director of the state Department of Museums, Library and Arts.

CALIFORNIA Protecting the Mojave wasn't cinched by legislation, and new battles are breaking out over proposed desecrations

CYBERIA Increasingly, preservation means business. In historic districts, vanishing downtowns are brought back from the brink by determined townspeople, local government leaders, and merchants. Among preservationists, the assumption that because a building is old, it's automatically worth saving, has given way to a more practical approach. Historic commissions are learning that the public is more willing to support projects in which old buildings are reclaimed for other uses, rather than set aside as museum pieces. A 1,500-item list was published by the National Historic Ships Committee will draw attention to the breadth and depth of the historic fleet and alert grant-givers. Through state-of-the-art technology, ultraviolet light will enable viewers to see clearly the hidden mathematical texts of Archimedes.,1249,125013120,00.html? Archaeologists are using carefully crafted copies while saving original works from pollution and erosion. Many traditional methods of creating copies can damage monuments. Highly malleable pewter foil covered in plaster of paris is a method which has exceptional results. A silicone mold will be made from each plaster copy. From that, a new statue will be cast in artificial stone whose ingredients include cement and ground marble. Sydney Possuelo is the Brazilian Government's leading authority on isolated Indians. Anthropologists believe the Amazon shelters the world's largest number of still-isolated Indians. Standing between these tribes and the rest of the world is Possuelo.,1136,24500000000124632,00.html Exposed to modern life, younger Indians are losing interest in folk medicine and rituals. Paradoxically, members of the establishment are embracing native cultures. Erich von Daeniken unveiled a plan for investor shares in his Mystery Park attraction in Switzerland. Von Daeniken and his business partners stressed the park would provide more questions than answers.