Got CALICHE? An article in the print version of Indian Country Today, (May 10-17, 1999; pp A2; "Mexico Agrees To Talks With Tohono O'odham"), states that traditional Tohono O'odham and the government of Mexico have agreed to negotiate to resolve land claims and desperate economic conditions in remote O'odham communities near the US border. The article states that Tohono O'odham demanded representation on three county governments in Sonora. An article on pp B2 mentions, Native talk radio, and, live pow-wow action via the Internet. PP B3 carries an article on Santa Ana Pueblo blue corn going to England for the Body Shop. It mentions recipes and a photo journey through Pueblo horno bread baking at Finally, a three-panel cartoon in the same issue (pp C7), "The Promised Land" by Jeff Kerr, features archaeology. In the first panel, a bearded, spectacle-wearing, pith-helmeted archaeologist gestures definitively and says "In the name of Science, I shall now dig up the bones of your ancestors!" In the second panel, a startled, then consternated Indian watches the archaeologist digging. In the third panel, a sarcastic expression accompanies his statement "That's my cat's litterbox!" The archaeologist holds up a large turd like he is smoking a cigar and exclaims "An artifact!" The newspaper suggests you send news to or A Navajo sheepherder carried a rusty can loaded with pebbles attached to bailing wire. The noisy container came in handy when sheep or goats turned stubborn and refused to follow the main herd. Rusty old cans now dot the landscape. (Where Tradition Meets Today starts an occasional series of essays about how the echoes of Betty Reid's native culture often clash with modern America). The history of the sign industry and its significant contribution to commerce in America.

Regarding the posting on dating mammoth, Chris Hardaker wrote: An old article; you probably posted it years ago, but in the event ... Radiocarbon Dating Evidence for Mammoths on Wrangel Island, Arctic Ocean, until 2000 BC I love this stuff. About the same age they dated camelids in Wisconsin about a decade ago.