Got CALICHE? Old Tools-New Eyes provides a comprehensive overview of flintknapping. ESCALANTE -- Relations between environmentalists and traditional rural Utahns has hit a new low in this remote southern Utah ranching community. Barnson said the threats should not be taken at face value but as the fallout of traditional residents feeling increasingly frustrated and powerless in the rapidly changing politics of federal land management. In Japan, prairie dogs domesticated as pets sell for hundreds of dollars apiece. The animals are sucked from their holes with vacuums. The males are neutered to keep them from becoming too hostile and the Japanese buy dirt to put on the rooftops so the animals can make their tunnels up there. In the West, the dogs are often used for target practice. Out on the reservation, one woman refers to the creatures as "hitchhikers," as they are often seen standing alongside the road.

From: Brian Kenny

I spoke with Steve Nash at the Field Museum of Natural History regarding the "beam expeditions" -- the 1920's efforts to find a missing link that would connect the newly developing tree ring sequences of the Southwest -- the missing link was found near Show Low. Nash's new book was released just today by Univ of Utah Press: Time, Trees and Prehistory : Tree-Ring Dating and the Development of American Archaeology, 1914-1950 by Stephen Edward Nash, Hardcover - 352 pages (June 1999) Univ of Utah Press. He is sending a blurb on the beam expeditions for the Pecos Conference web page -- a little historical color to prepare you for the conference! Check the SWA Pecos Conference web page early next week!

Approximately fifteen submissions were received for SAA Current Research (Southwest). A Synopsis of pertinent recent SWA materials will be blended in with the new submissions. After editing, I plan to forward these materials to Terry Majewski, Editor, SAA Current Research. The information will be posted on the SAA web site,, later this summer.

SWA has been contemplating a self-issued report card at the end of June to let you know how we think we've done during the first six months of 1999. We've put up a search engine, added new links, etc. ( We've received some comments - messages like: You site earned 3/5 stars... I didn't realize how much I really relied upon Got Caliche and want to re-subscribe... I can't believe you actually said that, you ass-hole, you better be careful.... The search engine is a great improvement... etc ). Well. it's really up to you to issue the report card and get the best product you can get. Well, here is your chance. SWA is contemplating whether functional re-design and content changes are needed for the SWA web site. How should we 'segment' the market differently as we provide the best experiences possible for the public? What new services should we provide? Should we do things differently? Which products should we market for a fee and which should be provided at no charge? How should we best approach you for donations? Do you want a bigger role? With whom should we partner to produce web-based experiences for the public and for professional and avocational archaeologists? What about that dang web site and the e-mail (SASIG / Got CALICHE)?

Tell us what you think. Please e-mail or call 1-602-541-2491. Pass along this message to others and ask them to comment.

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