Got CALICHE? Andres Duran Miranda recollection of Gen. Francisco Pancho Villa remains vivid. Mr. Duran is a keeper of the legacy. "He's the only one around who more or less knows the stories," said Angel Borunda of the Columbus Historical Society. Archaeologists hoping to find a section of Tucson's presidio wall encountered more mystery during a dig near City Hall. "We found two adobe walls, but we don't have any idea what they represent," said Homer Thiel. Thiel's team last year unearthed what might be a 5-foot section of the historic wall, which was built over eight years, beginning in 1775. Recovered artifacts, which also include shards of Majolica pottery from Mexico, will be donated to the Arizona State Museum. Forensic Anthropologist Dr Clyde Snow is preparing to spend months in his home state of Oklahoma, identifying the remains of hundreds of men, women and children believed to be buried in mass graves -- the dead are the long-missing casualties of the Tulsa race riot in 1921.,local/30dadc16.328,.html The heretofore-unknown swales, on the historic Bingham-Waggoner Estate, appear to be authentic remnants of the Santa Fe Trail, on which travelers headed southwest from Independence more than 150 years ago. "Our emphasis of making swales a sort of sacred ground is really a late 20th-century phenomenon," Lambertson said. Catching history thieves: course helps protect nation's cultural sites. The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center offers the class about 10 times a year throughout the United States, and the latest session put it over the 3,000-student mark. Those who witness theft or damage at an archaeological site should call the agency that owns the land, or the local sheriff's office, with details that will help law enforcement find the thieves, like vehicle makes, license plate numbers and what was happening at the site.