Got CALICHE ?,1249,70002491,00.html? A museum project that will preserve the Topaz internment camp. The West is not just endless, empty, open space., but a place where intimate connections between people and landscape constantly surprise. El Tiradito is a "wishing shrine" for failed lovers. Flores Nacional, an old-time drugstore, has the largest collection of medicinal herbs in the Southwest. Hundreds of people flocked to the museum on the university of Arizona campus yesterday to admire prehistoric pottery, talk shop with resident archaeologists and create their own rock paintings. The document said other effects, to northern New Mexico archaeological sites, for example, could be mitigated. Corinne was to be the Queen City of the West, a haven for non-Mormon Utahns. Henry O. Flipper, West Point's first black graduate, was hired in 1892 to unravel the ownership of the land on which Nogales was situated.