Got CALICHE ? Back when there were fewer and fewer people, it was the Mountain Woman, the Fire Woman, the Dark or Night Woman, the Water Woman and the First Woman who met every day to talk about the vanishing of their people. The Texas Historical Commission stands ready to help as a "professional preservation fire department" in extreme crises, but THC wants to build local "volunteer preservation fire departments." The Texas Forts Trail includes the Spanish presidio, eight frontier forts of both the ruined and restored variety from the 19th century, and commemorates the legacy of cavalrymen and pioneers. Gunnison became the supply source for the mining towns of Tincup, Pitkin and Gothic, among others. But with the devaluation of silver in 1893, these camps, like many others in Colorado, became ghost towns. Condé Nast Traveler magazine recently named Mesa Verde as the number one historic monument destination in the world. The February issue of Smithsonian also profiled the national park. C-SPAN recently filmed a segment about Mesa Verde that will be broadcast this spring. Ancestral Puebloans inhabited the park between 600 and 1300 AD. Every year more than 650,000 people visit the park. Mesa Verde has been attempting to build a visitor orientation center at the entrance of Mesa Verde since the 1920s. In 1846 United States President James K. Polk issued an order that the LDS church rise up 500 men to help fight the Mexican War. These men later became known as the Mormon Battalion. The Mormon Battalion is known for achieving the longest military march recorded in the history of the U.S. Army - 2000 miles. THE EARTH SHALL WEEP: A History of Native America, by James Wilson; Wilson interviewed Native Americans across the United States, combining oral tradition with other historical sources, ethnography, and archaeology. The result is an impressive work of historical synthesis that relies heavily on Native American oral traditions. The Information Archaeologist searched for years to find a device that could play the interviews. Finally he tracked down two Peirce wire recorders, ancient contraptions full of vacuum tubes. He cannibalized parts from one and painstakingly the interviews were played and re-recorded on modern equipment.