Got CALICHE ? Years ago when the downtowns had to compete with malls and new shiny facilities, they covered up all their architectural features with (metal) slipcovers. Preservation of such architectural "jewels" will be in the spotlight this week in Austin and Amarillo. TX folklore - a beautiful black slave girl named Emily Morgan distracted Mexican dictator Santa Anna in his candy-striped tent at San Jacinto. Gen. Houston's ragged troops caught him with his pants down. A song made her famous: The Yellow Rose of Texas. The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History today completed agreements to formally launch a new cultural and historical exchange program with Mexican institutions. Mexico has several ongoing relationships with the Smithsonian in the study of anthropology, archeology, art and other fields. The new agreements are the first for Mexico and the National Museum of American History for the study of technology, industry and transportation. Beneath rows of peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and herbs lies a deeper secret: a 19th century cemetery for farmers who fed the booming city and nurtured the California Gold Rush. The problem is a minefield for unwary developers. The discovery of a graveyard can bring expensive projects to a quick halt. He drove the Golden Spike to create the transcontinental railway. And he had referred to the Chinese, who worked so long and hard and cheap laying track on the Central Pacific, as "the dregs of Asia." And then, in 1862, one of them saved his wife's life. Yee brewed up an infusion of ma huang, which contains ephedrine, a substance still used to treat pulmonary ailments. Ever after, white Californians knew him as "Dr. Wa Hing," for the store where the Stanfords' cook had found him. And for some time after, Chin says with a small laugh, Leland Stanford was not heard to talk so long and so loud as he once had about the "dregs of Asia.",1113,69159,00.html Irrigation disputes began with the earliest settlers because the issue is as basic as air: Who should have access to the water in the streams and rivers? The Senate Transportation Committee has approved a bill to allow the issuance of special motor vehicle license plates with the money going to preserve the Big Spring Archaeological District. Big Springs has been called the "Birthplace of Las Vegas," and was visited as long ago as 6000 B.C. by Indian tribes. Travelers on the Spanish and Mormon trails made stops at the Springs. Once a year, on June 21, a jagged rock casts a shadow resembling the open jaw of a coyote onto the face of Sacrifice Rock. As the sun rises higher, the shadow "swallows" a petroglyph in the shape of a spiral. Preserving the rock art is likely to become more difficult. Amid swelling numbers of visitors, national parks and monuments in the Southwest are being loved to death. For many years, Utah's American Indian leaders have complained that state law did not protect the resting places of their ancestors the same way it does the cemeteries of European explorers and Mormon pioneers. Spur Cross, he said, is also home to powerful spirits who will rise up and protect the Earth in its last days. Secakuku and others were invited to talk about the emotional battle surrounding Spur Cross Ranch because it is a symbol of the classic Western debate of property rights vs. preservation. After years of debate, New Jersey will teach the standards, said one educator unhappy with the state's emphasis. "Everything else is superfluous. Economics. Anthropology. Political science." The mastodon found by Chance is, as David suspects, 18,000-25,000 years old, any related evidence of ancient humans could put those nomadic hunters here much earlier than the 12,000 or so years ago they are thought to have arrived. That would be a real discovery. Six scientists finished the first intensive scrutiny of the controversial remains of Kennewick Man this week. They spent more than 30 hours examining the 350 bones, which were radiocarbon-dated in 1996 at 9,300 years old. But their work is far from complete. Turkey wins back ancient coins from American millionaire. Today, the major preoccupation of hundreds of mothers in the island of Grand Comoro is whether whether their children will be bestowed with a big wedding. Failing to have a wedding is a shame which in the Comoros can lead to marginalisation within a community. It all happened because of a good hot meal.