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Message #39 Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 13:08:33 Subject: HB2397: an update

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From: George J. Gumerman gumerman@u.arizona.edu

HB 2397 Update

As almost everybody knows, HB 2397, which was introduced into the Arizona Legislature, would have rewritten most of the heritage and antiquity legislation in Arizona. The good news is that this legislation is now dead. The bad news is that the issues that were raised will be addressed by a special legislative committee consisting of three members from the House and three from the Senate. The committee is to seek "input" from the Director of State Parks, Director of the Arizona State Museum, the Arizona Land Department, representatives of the Native American groups, developers, professional archaeologists and other constituencies. It is the committee, however, that will make the decisions about new laws or changes to existing laws. The influence that the lobbyists for the Land Department have had with the legislature during this session is alarming, and is something we should continue to be concerned about. The committeešs report is due the middle of December. In sum, existing legislation will be reviewed and possible new legislation may be recommended and our ability to shape that process is really out of the control of those of us who will be effected. I have indicated to anybody who was willing to listen, the Arizona State Museum is committed to making the permitting process clearer and more consistent with other state agencies.

It has been gratifying during the time HB2397 was being considered to get state wide support from virtually the entire professional and avocational archaeological community, as well as from Native American groups. We here at ASM greatly appreciate your support.

George J. Gumerman Ph.D., Director Arizona State Museum, Building 26 University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721 Ph.(520) 621-6281 Fax (520) 621-2976 http://w3.arizona.edu/~asm

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