UTAH Vandals broke through an iron gate and attempted to loot Juke Box Cave near Wendover on Tuesday. "Somebody just bashed a couple of bars out by apparently throwing big rocks down to break the welds," said state archaeologist Kevin Jones." Once they got inside, they dug at least one new hole and expanded another earlier hole dug by looters, built a fire and rearranged some plastic flagging tape we had put around a sensitive section in April." "We assumed that gate was sufficient but clearly it's not and you need some kind of monitoring out there," said David Madsen, an archaeologist with the Utah Geological Survey who has worked in Juke Box Cave. "That was a place that people used to party in and they may resent that it was taken away from them, plus putting up the gate may itself attract interest in what's in the cave."

ARIZONA Next week, prominent Arizona attorneys and judges will stage a public "trial" to determine what really happened in 1881 at the OK Corral in Tombstone. Although the case will be as historically accurate as possible, modern technology will bring it to life. Computer-generated animation will be used to re-enact the shootout, and images of the exhibits will be displayed on courtroom monitors. The jury members -- or audience -- will cast their votes using interactive electronic technology. The half-day trial is part of the State Bar of Arizona's annual convention. The public is welcome to attend; tickets are $125 and may be purchased by calling (602) 340-7308.


TRADITIONAL CLAY PITS DESTROYED 06/15/99 SANTA FE (AP) Picuris Pueblo has sued over a mica mine permit for a Tennessee company that allegedly damaged traditional clay pits used by pueblo pottery makers. The pueblo contends state regulators eased the permit process to avoid tougher restrictions for the mine. "We feel this is a violation of our traditions and our altars," Picuris Gov. Red Eagle Rael said Monday at Santa Fe's state district courthouse where the lawsuit was filed. "To tell you the truth, I would like to see that land returned back to us," Rael said. "We feel these are our original, aboriginal clay pits." Mica, used in paint and building material, is taken from a pit on a mountain north of Picuris and is refined at a mill in Velarde. This weekend, county residents will express their gratitude and celebrate their history and the contributions of those pioneers during Heritage Days. or more information on the Heritage Days celebration, call the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce in Portales at (505) 356-8541.

TEXAS A bill signed Wednesday by Gov. George W. Bush creates a matching grant program for the restoration of historic county courthouses in Texas.[rkey=0001114+[cr=gdn+ssiuname=WebOSTTN+ssipwd=TTN9993C121 The remains had been turned over to David Glassman, chairman of the anthropology department at SWT. Ward said Glassman would be able to determine the sex, race, stature and age of the deceased person. Work on the skeleton should be completed in about two weeks. Glassman said he received calls on similar cases about every 12 days.

KANSAS They tentatively picked up pieces of shattered stone and test-fit them with other parts. They are two of the 70 amateur archeologists taking part in this year's Kansas Archeology Training Program in the heart of the Flint Hills. Not all archeology takes place underground -- a lot of time-consuming follow-up research and study are required to interpret artifacts once they're unearthed. So this year, the training program is working inside the Strong City Middle School.

CYBERIA Just a sliver of the 18th-century cemetery now known to lie under five city blocks surrounded by New York's City Hall and the US Courthouse and State Supreme Court. And for almost a decade, this site has also been a battleground between the African-American community and the Federal government, the owner of much of this land. Many consider this burial ground to be one of the nation's most significant archaeological finds this century. And, since its rediscovery during the construction of a Federal office building, many African-Americans have seen it as an important part of their cultural heritage. Last year volunteers accomplished over 3.9 million dollars worth of work for our National Forest. A Volunteer Directory for the USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Region and Rocky Mountain Research Station, Ogden is available. Volunteers are needed in archeology, historians, information/education, and more. For a copy of the directory, send request to: Regional Volunteer Coordinator USDA Forest Service 324 25th Street Ogden, UT 84401, or E-Mail request to: bill lyons/ or you can FAX your request to 801-625-5170. If there are questions, call 801-625-5175,1249,100006729,00.html? The hieroglyphs carved on stone temples and painted on pottery throughout Central America 1,500 years ago represent a formal, prestige language of the nobles.