CYBERIA National Trust President Richard Moe today announced "The Corner of Main & Main" as one of the 11 sites on this year's list. Native Americans are getting harder to ignore. This is something formulators of U.S. Indian policy never imagined: Assimilation was expected to eliminate Indians as a separate people. For many Indians, the plan for a brighter future is inextricably linked to a determination to set straight the past. Says Mr. Holy Rock, "I take great hope from the fall of the Berlin Wall, from the reunification of Germany... and throughout this century, it has gratified me to watch western nations try to restore the status of their former enemies... The pages of recent history point out what road should be taken when an enemy is defeated. If the U.S. can take this approach with other nations, why not with... all Native Americans?"

PARANOIA Rains said another ex-government employee told him that the plan was for him to be forced out of his property so it could be turned into a live archaeological site where foreign tourists would pay upwards of $1,000 a day to mine the gold and silver believed to be at Aster Ranch. Rains has been told that there are three spacecraft buried on his property. James Cunkle, Director of the White Mountain Archaeological Center, and the purveyor of the famed "Raven Site" which lies between Springerville and St. Johns, wrote a letter on Rains’ behalf.