CYBERIA The most critical need for the 220-year-old landmark is the Great Stone Church, which collapsed in an earthquake in 1812. The ruins have been a focal point in the mission's $10 million preservation effort. Many Americans believe that good fences make good neighbors. "That we are terribly territorial is reflected by the fences we erect," says anthropologist David Givens, director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane. The Land and Water Conservation Fund was a 1965 creation that directed proceeds from offshore oil and gas revenues to land acquisitions and other conservation projects. However, the fund hasn't worked as intended for the last two decades. Six years ago, when the National Trust for Historic Preservation listed the entire state of Vermont on its annual endangered list, people of that state began talking, said Moe, the National Trust president. Lois Mauk is looking for the dead, the buried. More often than not, she finds them behind long-forgotten fences, under overgrown brush and between houses, their tombstones stacked like rubble. She finds them penned carefully into corners of a military installation. She finds them paved over by asphalt, trapped under shopping centers. The dead, it seems, are suddenly in the way.