ARIZONA SOS members have said they are not against the Smithsonian affiliate. However, they say the rest of the theme park project would destroy the city's Western town image.

NEW MEXICO There is tremendous social pressure not to study cannibalism. Steven A. LeBlanc notes tenured professors who say they will not read Christy's book. They don't want to think about it. Physical anthropologist Christy Turner has managed to anger Native Americans, rile scientists, horrify New Agers and provide a fascinating theoretical glimpse into the collapse of a great civilization. Turner contends that a "band of thugs"--Toltecs, for whom cannibalism was part of religious practice--made their way to Chaco Canyon from central Mexico. These invaders used cannibalism to overwhelm the unsuspecting Anasazi and terrorize the populace into submission over a period of 200 years.

CYBERIA'essay/es226.shtml' Ppop anthropologist Helen Fisher is embattled with the social constructionist beliefs of the feminist establishment. There is something admirable about publishing facts, whether they're pretty or not. Two women share their love of the West by working with organizations that help bring the history of African-American men and women in the West to children who live in city neighborhoods. The Black Cowboys' Association of Brooklyn is a group of African-Americans who bring the history of black men and women of the West to children in New York. If current projections by the U.S. government hold, the number of non-American and non-English-speaking Internet users will swamp the number of American and English-language users by 2005 by a factor of three to one or more. In the process, a medium that many Americans have viewed as a vehicle for projecting their cultural values and integrating people into a single global village is likely to change into something very different. The Web and its related media may in fact promote social and political fragmentation instead.