NEW MEXICO The figures of three American Indians will take their place among the bronze and marble statues of Americans honored in the U.S. Capitol. New Mexico will send the likeness of Pope -- pronounced Popay -- who led the Pueblos in revolt of Spanish colonial rule in 1680.

ARIZONA,1249,100012498,00.html? Howard M. Bahr wrote "Dine Bibliography of the 1990s: A Companion to the Navajo Bibliography of 1969," which is an extension and supplement to the "Navajo Bibliography" published by the Navajo Nation in 1969. As an extension it adds more than two decades of material published after "Navajo Bibliography" appeared.

CYBERIA Vandals took only minutes this week to destroy two years of painstaking repairs to gravestones in Prospect Hill, the city's historic cemetery. Branch paid $35,000 to settle the government's case, one of the larger civil settlements in the 20-year history of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. But even as the U.S. Forest Service was pursuing this landmark case against the Weiser rancher, it was tearing up two other known prehistoric sites on the Payette National Forest. New regulations adopted nationally may cause headaches for state and local governments that will be required to capitalize their assets much like private industry. It means governments will have to produce financial reports much like private industry, which depreciates such things as buildings and equipment. Governments for the first time have to figure the value of nearly every major asset they own, from roads to bridges to prisons to sewers to hospitals, even if they were constructed decades ago. [ Archaeological sites and parks too ?? ]