MEXICO By the time Crabb set out from Filibuster Camp, conditions were different in Sonora. Pesqueira, the new governor, could not allow himself to be portrayed as a tool of the Americans. Once Crabb crossed the border, the governor issued his order: "Viva Mexico! Death to the gringos." In Caborca, Crabb decided to try to meet with the army commander, Hilario Gabilondo, and arrange a truce. Gabilondo responded by ordering his head chopped off.

CALIFORNIA Patrick Kirch, a leading authority on the archaeology of the Pacific Islands, is the new director of the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology at UC-Berkeley. As director, Kirch said he will focus strongly on using the Internet to make the museum's intellectual riches available to schools and the public, as well as continuing the museum's exhibit program. To those who aren't familiar with local history, it might have seemed peculiar that Chinese Americans and Italian Americans chose downtown's Olvera Street to celebrate the acquisition of new funding for institutions that will document their contributions to the city. But that ignorance is exactly what the two groups hope to correct with planned ethnic museums that, in the next two years, are expected to to open near Olvera Street, where Italian and Chinese districts once thrived.

COLORADO Prominent was the recurring theme that the livelihoods and customs of the living shouldn't be sacrificed to protect the remnants of an ancient culture. It appears that what Babbitt called "world-class archaeology" during his May visit here seems old hat to many locals.

CYBERIA Groups Want to Change Name of 'Darkey Creek' The small river's name is the dubious legacy of Louis Southworth, a black pioneer who was born a slave but traversed the Oregon Trail, survived Indian wars, taught himself to read and write and became a respected homesteader. Last month, the Oregon Geographic Names Board voted against a petition to rename the 2-mile-long stream Southworth Creek. But now that decision will get another hearing. "I see this as clarifying history," said Judy Rycraft Juntunen, assistant director of the Benton County Historical Society & Museum. "When creeks were named for Caucasians, they didn't name them Whitey Creek." Some residents of this small town on the central Oregon coast want the name of the nearby creek kept as it is. But Lincoln County commissioners and historical societies in Waldport, Benton and Lincoln counties support changing it. Three participants in an archaeological dig in Wythe County have been indicted on misdemeanor charges of removing human skeletal remains. The men belong to the Reed Creek Archaeological Society, which has carried out several digs of ancient Indian villages. Archaeologists must obtain permits from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources before starting an excavation. Authorities say the Reed Creek group failed to get the necessary permits.