RUSSIAN CUSTOMS OFFICERS PREVENT SMUGGLING OF BEAR SKELETON 01/29/99 Acting on a tip-off, Russian customs officers arrested a German citizen who tried to smuggle a prehistoric bear skeleton out of the country in his car, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported Friday. It was the second time this year that customs officers have nabbed smugglers of archaeological artifacts on the Finnish border, ITAR-Tass said. In December, officers at the same border crossing _ Torfyanovka _ detained another German who was trying to smuggle rare stones, meteorites, mammoth tusks and prehistoric bear skulls. It was not clear when the bear skeleton was seized. Authorities said the skeleton was ``of great historic and archaeological value,'' ITAR-Tass reported. Under the treaty, Mexico surrendered land that now makes up California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and parts of New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. The treaty also established the Rio Grande as the border between Mexico and the United States. Students are taught about the Mexican War and that Mexico lost, but they're not taught that Mexicans already living in that territory suddenly became Americans because of the treaty. The Saginaw Chippewa nation has purchased a $1.5 million mansion on Washington's famed Embassy Row, where ambassadors from around the globe live, work and socialize. Its solid facade, composed of native malapai, granite, and tuff stone, seems to have weathered the century well. But looks can be deceiving. Deep underground, roots of sheltering shade trees have undermined the building's foundation. GOLD RUSH DAYS February 12-14; Wickenburg This event celebrates the days when gold fever gripped the Wild West. SOUTHWEST INDIAN ART FAIR February 27-28; Tucson. The Arizona State Museum hosts this fifth-annual event, this year showcasing 75 invited artists and featuring both traditional and contemporary styles of Indian art, including jewelry, pottery, sculpture, and kachina dolls. The percentage of non-Indian households with phones is 94 percent, but only 45 to 50 percent of Indian homes have phones. This population is one that's in danger of being left in the dark ages. From the pencils and paints of Navajo children, comes visual literature from Montezuma Creek, Bluff, Mexican Hat, Monument Valley and Navajo Mountain. "A Rainbow at Night," is a collection of drawings, paintings, poetry, prose and photography produced and inspired by Utah Navajo children. The arresting exhibit at the Navajo Museum in Window Rock, Ariz., has been extended until June.,1249,30008685,00.html? Though not known in Utah during pioneer settlement, historical and archaeological evidence shows that turkeys co-existed with the Anasazi and Fremont Indians 600 to 1,000 years ago. A slide lecture at Southern California College on Feb. 7 will offer a behind-the-scenes look at a Guatemalan archaeological dig. Erin Browder will discuss running a field school at Ujuxte, a coastal community in Mesoamerica between 650 and 400 B.C. He discovered one of the oldest human settlements in North America in a groundhog hole, and he took hopelessly forgotten buildings and turned them into historic showcases at his Meadowcroft Museum of Rural Life near Avella. Albert Miller discovered the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter. The findings have been described as "one of the most important archaeological collections" that exists. The $30 million ``Digital Library'' program will enable people to see over the Internet an online archives of American historical items. Officials with the Vermont Division of Historic Preservation estimate it would cost $500,000 to dig up Ethan Allen's younger brother and identify his bones with DNA testing. A report on the feasibility of moving Allen at the request of the state Senate, said Allen probably should remain where he is. A new technique, measures newly identified amino acid in the bones and looks set to be extremely accurate.,1136,8500000000047495,00.html The family of treasure hunter Mel Fisher donated $2 million worth of bounty recovered from a sunken Spanish galleon to support the Palm Beach Seaport Aquarium, and some of the items will be auctioned on Monday. Asatru has much in common with nature-based religions, among them traditional American Indian faiths... [ SASIG Ed. Note -- These are the folks claiming an interest in Kennewick Man... ] Americans had to forget their roots. The number-one ingredient in the melting pot of a successful American identity was amnesia. What all Americans are nostalgic for is the freedom to invent themselves.

From: Mark Bahti Announcing a new book from Treasure Chest Publications: Spirit in the Stone by Mark Bahti. This volume is quite different than other books out on fetishes: -it does not focus solely on the Zuni but includes other tribes as well -it attempts to distinguish between carvings and fetishes -dispels some popular myths surrounding both fetishes and Indian religious beliefs -talks about beliefs and stories surrounding many animals in different tribal traditions -charts that enable to reader to compare and contrast Native American symbolism regarding colors and animals symbolism with ancient European beliefs -includes a glossary of materials along with their chemical formulas -a portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Tucson Indian Center General Fund -well-illustrated 154-page book is now available - at $15.95 If you wish a copy and e-mail us back, we will send it out with an invoice for $16 total - tax and shipping included. Thank you. Mark Bahti