Got CALICHE ? ASM Roots of Culture Events, 1999 The Heard Museum, housed in a Spanish Colonial-style building, will unveil its $18.1 M expansion February 28th. Sandra Rambler, a San Carlos Apache, objects to the design of the expansion, saying the architecture is inappropriate. Given the unpleasant history between American Indians and the Spanish Conquistadors, a blend of Indian and Spanish architecture would be more suitable. The Heard Museum says a Native American advisory panel was consulted. The Del E. Webb Foundation on Thursday announced a $2.5 million donation to the Grand Canyon National Park Foundation for the renovation of the Community Building, built in 1935. It's one of five historic but outdated buildings at the South Rim that will be improved and transformed into a Heritage Education Campus, featuring the latest technological bells and whistles to showcase the canyon's human, geological and natural history. Audio and multimedia events are planned by a design team selected for the Oklahoma City National Memorial Center. There are a lot of physical artifacts that will be valuable for the storytelling process. But the most important are the living artifacts - the storytellers that lived it. The city of Davis decided not to strip Sacramento pioneer John Augustus Sutter's legacy from a street sign. In December, the council supported changing the street name upon hearing that Sutter had abused and enslaved American Indians. Employing ethnobotany techniques to query Indian informants about plants, the research efforts have implications for biodiversity conservation and indigenous rights. The Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries has created an online catalog to access to records from nine of its member institutions. Divining is associated with finding underground water, oil and mineral deposits, underground power and sewer lines, bodies and grave sites. Projections on how the baby boomers may increase the demand for gravestones. SCI has been snapping up mom-and-pop funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoriums. An intranet strategy is the lifeblood of the spending spree and now the build-out of the intranet has the company thinking Internet commerce.

[ SASIG Ed. Note -- The "rural cemetery" movement which began in the 1830s as part of the beautification of death, railroads of the 1870s, and refrigeration, profoundly changed the funeral industry in America. Cemeteries are an important source of data yielding insight into social attitudes and values within the community. Economic status, genealogy, migrations, medical history, community stability, and other facets of society can be studied. In addition, a cemetery is a place to see grave markers that some call utilitarian art. An interesting anthropology thesis awaits anyone willing to study the changes in American funerals wrought by Internet technology ] .