PRESERVATIONISTS GET BOOST IN EFFORT TO SAVE OLD DEPOT 01/07/99 06:35PM GUTHRIE, Okla. Sonic Corp. gave a boost Thursday to historic preservationists seeking to save the old Rock Island depot, pledging to pay half the $150,000 needed to buy the building. The depot, also called the Eaton Building, has been vacant and boarded up for two decades. A Sonic franchise owner has shown an interest in buying the building and putting a restaurant there. ``We were hoping that they would find another location,'' said Carol Hirzel, with the Save Our Depot Foundation. ``We are delighted to get the $75,000 grant. We are very happy.'' Sonic official Cliff Hudson called it a win-win situation for the company. ``It allows the building to remain and the renovation effort, hopefully, to begin in the not-too-distant future,'' he said. The depot's owner has given preservationists 30 days to raise the amount needed to buy the building. The old structure is in the city's Historic Preservation District. Any structure built in the district must conform to historic preservation guidelines.

ABILENE CHRISTIAN ACQUIRES TEXAS MAP COLLECTION 01/07/99 Nearly 14,000 topographical maps, including three dating to 1884, are drawing researchers to their new home at Abilene Christian University. The maps were donated this week by the U.S. Geological Survey Library in Austin. They cover 94 percent of Texas, making the collection one of the most complete of any library in the state. The maps are worth $123,000, but university librarians say the maps are priceless and should draw professional and amateur researchers from across the state. ``I hope they'll keep coming out of the woodwork,'' library assistant Marty Ketchersid, told the Abilene Reporter-News. The majority of the maps are drawn at a scale of one inch to 2,000 feet, making them extremely detailed. Rural areas are so detailed they show gravel pits, pump stations, pipelines, stone quarries, fence lines, caves and wells. Those details should appeal to people tracing genealogies, sometimes with the barest of information. ``They'll have a note that said great-granddad had this farm and it was by a well by a little road that branched off to the west,'' ACU documents librarian Laura Baker said. Some 194 maps in the collection date back to 1884. Among them are three maps from the 1890s that show rural Taylor County and a grid for the city of Abilene, which was founded in 1881. ACU put in a bid to get the maps after learning the Austin library was being relocated to a place that couldn't house all them all. Following directions from mystical deities who denounced the imprisonment of sacred animals, the Navajo tribe is poised to empty their zoo animals into the wild. The final decision will be made after a meeting today with medicine men and will come in the wake of a reported December visit by Navajo deities. The issue arose after accounts of a Dec. 26 visit by traditional tribal deities to the remote community of Rocky Ridge. Navajo deities are spirit beings that control whether a Navajo is in harmony with nature. Navajos pray to the 20 or so deities because of a belief that bad things will happen if deities are not on their side. Three or four times a year, Link added, traditionalists would visit the zoo before participating in a Coyote Way Ceremony, which is done for healing purposes, to obtain corn pollen that had been in a coyote's mouth. Tribal computers earn award for a computer specialist who spent the past two years helping the Havasupai and Hualapai tribes install computer networks complete with Internet connections and Web pages. Thirty-three percent of the land on the Colorado Plateau is owned by tribes, Deshler said. In order to do biological research we needed to establish relationships with tribal environmental offices. The Denver Public Library's new online photo album is a stunning collision of sepia and cyber, the weathered faces of American Indians and Colorado pioneers peering from aging pictures that fill ever-newer computer monitors. About 50,000 photographs from the library's renowned Western history collection, which includes 600,000 glass plates, negatives and vintage prints, have been posted on the site. The site officially debuts Monday, Jan. 11, though it's accessible now. Go to or through the library's home page, "Canyons and Deserts: Picturing the Western Landscape" is a guided journey from the local canyons of Laguna and the Arroyo Seco to the majesty of the Grand Canyon. "The West is not only a geographical place, it's an idea people have about America," said Sarah Vure, assistant curator of the museum. A cattle drive is part of the celebration of the grand opening of the new Buckhorn Saloon & Museum and the 50th anniversary of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Besides one of the world's largest collections of trophy animal mounts, the museum also houses some superb Western memorabilia; dozens of cowboy spurs, saddles and other gear from the Old West, antique powder horns and flasks, some dating back to the invention of firearms. DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (AP) - A museum here is planning to celebrate the Barbie doll's 40th birthday by featuring varying dolls amid life-size Barbie furniture. The problem is, not everyone is thrilled that the exhibit will monopolize most of the attention during Women's History Month in March, the same time the three-month Barbie exhibit begins.,1,4141,00.html Iron Eyes Cody, dubbed the "Crying Indian didn't have a trace of Native American blood in him, according to a report in Indian Country Today. He-was really an Italian-American from Louisiana. His real name: Oscar DeCorti. To some historians, all the electricity hype masked what was basically a scam. If there is a Shangri-la, this is it.