From: Robert D. Leonard Excellent point Betsy. As part of a Popular Culture and Archaeology class I teach we deal with the social impacts of Kennewick Man, and how the media deals with the issue. A very short internet search finds Kennewick Man refered to frequently on White Supremacist and Aryan Nation web pages. His "caucasian" racial status is presumed correct and meaningful, and his presence indicates to them the appearance of europeans here before native americans. This is then used in varying ways, including asserting that individuals of european descent need to "take america back." Short papers written by Jim Chatters for some other venue are also presented, AS IF WRITTEN for these web pages, when of course they were not. Even worse, or more insidious anyway, is how the popular press treats the issue. For example, the banner at the top of the current (February) Discover magazine blasts: EUROPEANS INVADE AMERICA: 20,000 BC. The irresponsibility here is astounding. Robert D. Leonard, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131; 505-277-6696

> From: Betsy Brandt >The recent reference to the Asatrú religion and their claim to Kennewick Man is very interesting. According to a recent article called "The New Barbarians: New Brand of Odinist Religion on the March" in the winter 1998 issue of the Intelligence Report sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center is this religion has become a new fad especially in Arizona prisons and says that 15% of U.S. followers have an overtly racist, white supremacist interpretation of this Eurocentric Norse gods based theology. I think we should look more closely into how this find may play into white racist groups.

>>Got CALICHE ? Asatru has much in common with nature-based religions, among them traditional American Indian faiths... [ SASIG Ed. Note -- These are the folks claiming an interest in Kennewick Man... ]