Thursday December 23, 1999

COLORADO There is a need to protect the entire landscape of Ancestral Puebloan sites west of Cortez rather than individual ruins. In a small site there may be more information than in a great big 200-room pueblo. The surprises come in many packages.

NEW MEXICO Ten years in the making, the planned El Camino Real International Heritage Center soon might have a home in the lower Rio Grande Valley a mile from the 16th- century merchant trail it would document. The Museum of New Mexico has officially asked the federal Bureau of Land Management to dedicate 125 acres of federal land to the project. The first new monument since Fort Selden State Monument was established in 1974, the Heritage Center has the potential to breathe new life into southern New Mexico communities, according to a community-based feasibility study that projects an anticipated 106,000 visitors each year, approximately 175 new jobs in service-related area industries, a 20 percent increase in gross receipts taxes in Socorro County, and increase visitation in communities along the Rio Grande corridor. The Diné (Navajo) language will be taught at New Mexico State University during the spring 2000 semester. Clayton, N.M., was one of the first places in the United States to have mail delivered by an airplane. A cancellation stamp marked with the date and the words "First Aeroplane Post Office, Clayton, New Mexico" was issued to commemorate the event.

SONORA/ARIZONA Any where a request is made for Club Verde, you find a Sonoran. Club Verde, a song that's been called Sonora's unofficial anthem, was written by a man who's buried in Douglas and whose descendants still live here.

NEVADA Grant money will go toward preserving more than a half-million photographs dating as far back as the 1860s. The photo project involves scanning photos so they can be produced and made available on CD-ROM to the state's libraries.

CALIFORNIA Developers want to raze a historic structure to make room for a HomeBase and a Burger King. The 1930 factory’s Dutch façade is a Los Angeles Historical-Cultural Monument. Charges of threats and intimidation are being leveled from both sides. Ralph Cimmarusti says the opposition is so much sour grapes: "The reality is this property sat 10 years, nobody had any ideas, somebody steps up - there are people in the world that do not like to see progress, they don’t like to see people go to work."

CYBERIA In 1843, the first wagon trains came over what would be known as the Oregon Trail. It was the most devastating event in the history of the three tribes. "So here we tell our story, our way," says Bearchum as she leads visitors through the year-old Tamastslikt Cultural Institute. A hawk burst from a neighbor's bushes Monday and grabbed little Bandita, only to find itself in a tug of war with Ms. Parks. 'Drop the Chihuahua! Drop the Chihuahua!' Said Ms.Parks 'I've been hungry before, but I've never held on to food that much.'