Sunday December 19, 1999


FROM: John Carpenter The next big news to come out of Sonora is the site of El Bajio, which appears to be the largest Clovis site in the Americas (encompassing some 5 sq kms), stratified, with black mat...curiously, we've already registered more Paleo sites in Sonora than known in AZ and NM combined, and with a much wider range of traditions than evident in the SW US.

CALIFORNIA Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History officials plan to embark on a major fund-raising effort to build a new facility. Museum officials already have raised about $2 million, contracted with an internationally renowned exhibit designer, and plan to go forward with an effort to raise as much as $200 million for the new museum.

ARIZONA Jennifer Denetdale is the first Navajo to receive a Ph.D. in History.

TEXAS (538K) Public input on the review will be considered up until Jan. 15. Final recommendations will be presented in a briefing to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission at its Jan. 20 meeting in Austin. Comments can be sent to: Mr. Walter D. Dabney, Director State Parks Division 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX 78744

ROCK ART TPW Executive Director Andrew Sansom believes the agency's conservation mission at Hueco Tanks is patently clear and must take precedent over other uses. This past summer a Flagstaff, Ariz., rock art survey company, which was hired to catalog Hueco Tanks' known rock art sites, found dozens of additional hard-to-see pictographs using the latest in satellite technology, digital photography and computer-enhanced imaging techniques. State archeological survey teams to date have documented 273 rock art sites, 164 rock shelters, 334 bedrock mortars, 11 water control structures, 9 burial sites, an ancient hamlet and numerous surface artifacts scattered throughout the 860-acre desert mountain park located at one of civilization's busiest crossroads in the Southwest.

[ Ed. Note -- The Schaafsmas hold that the kachina cult appeared first in southern New Mexico and west Texas by at least the late Mimbres time (ca. 1100-1150), and spread later to the pueblos in the north. See ]

From: Jane Kolber The American Rock Art Research Association's Conservation and Protection Committee is now taking nominations for the 2000 ARARA Conservation and Preservation Award which will be presented at the May conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Deadline for nominations is December 31, 1999. For information about the award check

CYBERIA Stephen Jay Gould laughs at speculation of "intelligent life" on other planets. The chances are virtually nil, he believes. "There are no 'little green men' on Mars, or anywhere else in the Solar System." The science of archaeology is being used to teach students social studies, history, geography, mathematics, art, and critical-thinking. Striving to be inter-disciplinary, cross-curricular, and multi-cultural, archaeology is the vehicle through which teachers can achieve their educational goals.