Saturday December 11, 1999

MEXICO Throughout the Hispanic Southwest, Guadalupe and Juan Diego are powerful symbols.

NEW MEXICO A Folsom Point housed at the Denver Museum of Natural History since it was discovered in the 1920s has been returned to New Mexico.

ARIZONA Whipple Observatory at Mount Hopkins is a quarter-mile from a Navajo-style sweat lodge, whose operator fears it. In 1917, an Arizona legislator suggested replacing the star on the Arizona flag with a Gila monster. [Apparently, a Gila Monster is no one's sacred symbol]

Mesa Community College, Department of Cultural Science is seeking people interested in teaching anthropology courses in the spring, 2000 semester. Courses available include: Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology and Magic, Witchcraft, and Healing. Both day and evening courses are available. You must have your Master's degree in-hand to be eligible to teach. Please contact Dr. Shereen Lerner as soon as possible if interested in these teaching opportunities. Phone: 480-461-7306; email:

CYBERIA A CD-ROM encyclopedia featuring the history of Okinawa Prefecture and its traditional food, folklore and art is attracting attention as a comprehensive record of the region. A study of ancient eye shadow was based on makeup containers, mirrors, hair-pins and brushes, all of which were excavated from archaeological sites.