Thursday December 9, 1999

NEVADA A coin collection that includes all but two of the different coins minted at the closed Carson City Mint was donated Wednesday to the Nevada State Museum. The museum is housed in an old red brick building that served as the mint between 1870 and 1893.

UTAH Hill Aerospace Museum officials dedicated their newest building -- 140 feet wide and 320 feet long -- home to 20 fighters that have been displayed outside of the museum's main gallery.

ARIZONA Post Archaeologist John Murray said the post is working with 11 Indian tribes in establishing protocols for sites on the fort that need protection. He anticipates agreements will be completed early next year. Children made clay copies of the things that really mattered, mostly four-legged creatures that looked a little like dogs. If fingerprints could prove that children had made the figurines, it would be the first time anyone had used that technique to determine the approximate age of an ancient artisan.

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TEXAS El Paso has nine historical districts for the protection, enhancement, preservation and use of historic landmarks.

MEXICO Classic Maya pottery was highbrow stuff until Michael Coe found an enema pot. Coe knew that enemas were first brought to Europe by French explorers who found rubber enema bags in South America. [Ed Note - Major gifts from the New World were corn, beans, squash, tomato and potato. Coe seemingly expands this list with the earliest ever French marketing of an New World product in Europe.]

CYBERIA A woman put up for sale her engagement present - a skeleton. An archaeologist whom tipped off police said it was illegal to sell human bones.