Wednesday December 1, 1999

NEVADA Judge orders temporary protection for historic Mapes Hotel.

ARIZONA UA Press is considering cutting ties with one of its top-selling books, "I Married Wyatt Earp." Earp scholars say the book was a fraud.

From: Beth Grindell W 520-621-1271, F 520-621-2976,, A proposed Policy on Data about Archaeological and Historic Sites on Tribal Lands and the AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory is posted at The next AZSITE Consortium meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 11, 2000, at 9:30 a.m. at the Arizona State Museum, in Tucson. You are invited to ttend.

When ordering books for Christmas, please use the portal on the SWA homepage Help generate a 5% purchase dividend to SWA [As of 12/01/99 Quarter-to-date Items Ordered: 39; Quarter-to-date Qualified Item Revenue: 865.91; Quarter-to-date Referral Fees: 43.30].

NEW MEXICO Tsankawi is considered by the tribe to be the place of origin for the San Ildefonso people. The tribe may close the road to preserve the sacred area, officials said. Part of the interest in the Eaton House is due to the notoriety of Col. Eaton. He was a civil war hero (he fought in the Battle of Val Verde near Socorro) and leader of the local volunteer militia. Y2K fears lead to increased thefts of wood from public lands in Four Corners region.

TEXAS The San Juan Acequia and the nearby Espada Acequia, built between 1731 and 1745, are two of the oldest Spanish Colonial era irrigation canals still operating in the United States.

TIME'S ARROW,1575,SAV-9912010390,00.html Most senior citizens can remember only about as far back as the 1920s. Hstory--the oral history, anyway--is being lost to attrition. Old photographs kept by seniors often end up moldering in boxes in cellars or being thrown away after the owner dies. Meyers wants to get those pictures in the hands of historians before it is too late. So he is proposing that the city's past be digitized for posterity by scanning them into a computer and storing them in an electronic archive. Anthropologist Helen Fisher suggests that it is the woman who needs to move on to her next partner in a lifelong chain of serial monogamy. The brain chemicals that make us fall in love run out after 36 months. Fisher argues that cultural conditioning has artificially extended marriage. Scientists are sceptical. The link between genes and specific cultural behaviour is obscure. Modern humans followed a migration wave from Africa to Asia more than 50,000 years ago after an earlier exodus to the Mediterranean and Greece more than 100,000 years ago. Mitochondrial DNA allowed scientists to speculateon the existence of an African "Eve", from whom modern humans descended. The mitochondrial studies of modern humans are separate from anthropological digs establishing that extinct ancestors of humans inhabited Africa 4 million years ago. Ancient inhabitants of the Andes were infected with a rare virus found in modern-day Japan, according to "DNA archaeologists", adding weight to the theory that South America was colonised from Asia thousands of years before the Spaniards arrived with a host of new diseases. Anthropologists long have argued about when and why Neanderthals died out. Now researchers claim Neanderthals were around more recently than previously thought.

CYBERIA SAA web site Bulletin Board on Teaching Archaeology in the 21st Century.,1575,SAV-9912010036,00.html Pyramidiots tap ancient mysteries. Not surprisingly, their theories annoy local anthropologists and Egyptologists.,2107,500062928-500104038-500458378-0,00.html One popular view is that man hunted mammoths to extinction. The truth may be more complex. Humans brought with them disease-carrying rats, ticks and other sources of bacteria and viruses. The native animals would have no resistance to exotic disease. Nuclear DNA from animals that died tens of thousands of years ago may reveal whether it was disease that wiped out the large mammals. Fans of hole-in-the-ground plumbing are toiling to preserve old outhouses before they crumble. Hormel Foods Corp. will open a 16,550-square-foot Spam Museum and Visitor Center in an abandoned Kmart store in Austin, Minn. Last year, Spam cans were added to the collection of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. The Newseum, the world's only interactive museum of news, announced the 2000 tour schedule for its traveling exhibit: Albuquerque March; Phoenix/Tempe March; Salt Lake City March; Colorado Springs April. Tour dates/locations subject to change.