CALIFORNIA Rogers said he foresees no changes in the Northern Mojave Visitor Center and the Death Valley Tourist Center. Rogers said the board also believes Brauer will be able to help the museum in seeking grant funding.

UTAH,1249,115006222,00.html? For historians, it comes down to this: How can you preserve the legacy of the city's landmark smokestacks after the towering chimneys themselves are gone?

KANSAS In an age of user-friendly history museums, curators continue to take down the "Do not touch" signs. At Abilene's 3-year-old Fashion Museum, the hands-on philosophy has reached a new level of tactile familiarity with the artifacts, representing thousands of antique clothing styles spanning more than a century.

CYBERIA Katie Miles's first dig was one even seasoned archeologists dream about. "To actually be on your hands and knees -- that's a great way to spend your summer." A professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan -- Katherine Verdery -- asserts that the dead have been systematically exploited to help legitimize political shifts. Lenin himself remains in limbo -- too dangerous to bury, too dangerous to leave exposed. When the mayor of a small Greek town shut down an American archaeological dig -- funded in part by donations from schoolchildren -- he had no idea of the diplomatic trouble he would cause. In the next installment of the Indiana Jones adventure series, the daring archaeologist may not be quite so dashing. After a nine-year, $8 million restoration effort, Key West's historic 108-year-old Custom House opened its doors Saturday as the Key West Museum of Art & History. The gold rush of 1849 sent thousands of people scurrying across the country to California. Among them were two people from Northern Kentucky who would meet different fates.