CALIFORNIA From the long-dormant Ford auto assembly plant in Richmond to the quaint, tree-lined streets of downtown Los Gatos, the preservation of history has become hip and increasingly marketable. There's a whole new culture that's more interested in something with character.

ARIZONA With the ultimate goal of cloning a 20,000-year-old frozen woolly mammoth, a Northern Arizona University professor will join scientists in Siberia in September for a Jurassic Park script come true. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the conviction of an Arizona man who sold Hopi masks and robes from the Pueblo of Acoma to an undercover agent.

UTAH The Spanish were present in Utah as early as 1667, much earlier than western settlers. Marks on a canyon wall in central Utah, believed to have been left by Jesuit Priests, contain a cross symbol, with the date "1667". In fact, what many originally thought were Indian hieroglyphics and pictographs are actually markers along the Spanish Trail, which led from Mexico to the Uinta Mountains, and beyond. The Spanish presence actually lasted well into the 1800s, when pack trains of "Mexicans" were reported heading out of the Uinta Mountains supposedly laden with gold.

COLORADO Ancient treasure is scattered across 160,000 acres in the southwestern corner of Colorado. The biggest threat to them is increased visitation, archaeologist Mark Varien said. Human-caused degradation of the resources takes two basic shapes. Some people are vandals, and other people are loving the landscape to death.

CYBERIA All of these people assumed that the Native American Indians lacked the intelligence and skill to build the mounds. That theory thrived because no Indians lived in the mound-rich Ohio River Valley when white settlers arrived; plus Indians from other areas possessed no knowledge or memory of the mounds. U.S. Magistrate John Jelderks will hear oral arguments Sept. 14 in Portland by federal attorneys and lawyers for eight anthropologists who have sued in an effort to study the ancient skeleton. The case is a test of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, which states that a tribe may claim remains found on federal land if it can show biological or cultural affiliation. Concerned that bulldozers might be desecrating ancient burial grounds, a tribe has convinced the state to halt construction of a $5 million dollar state park. Mr. Eddy's recollections helped lead archaeologists to the cemetery site. A commission looking into the riot now wants to do a limited excavation to determine if it is a mass grave. A search team, which included a University of North Carolina-Charlotte anthropologist, didn't find the pioneer pilot's bones in Fiji. But the expedition's leader said Friday it did discover two women who knew of aircraft wreckage on the island where he believes Earhart's plane crashed. About 400 people attended the rally to protest against a Parks and Wildlife decision to prevent recreational users accessing a boat ramp. Access has been banned to protect two ancient Aboriginal midden sites.

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