KANSAS A few days after the May 3 tornado leveled Haysville's historic district, close to 1,000 bricks disappeared from the ruins of the town's 80-year-old bank.

TEXAS Deemed eligible Monday for the National Register of Historic Places, the old train station was built at the same time as the arrival of the city's first railroads. Mr. Cochran said the depot is worth preserving because it reflects an important period in the city's history. Supporters of historic preservation now have a two-inch thick report from the Texas Historical Commission to back up their long held assertion that preserving historic sites is not only good for Texas' identity but also for its economy. Replacing buckled terra-cotta tiles will cost taxpayers almost $250,000. The museum was warned that the floor wasn't designed properly, but museum officials dispute that. Founded in 1974, it is the only facility in the southwestern United States devoted to the preservation and display of African-American artistic, cultural and historical materials.

COLORADO Colorado holds an ancient mystery. The trail is cold and 700 years old. Archae-ologists are the detectives. Some of the clues remain inscrutable, but others give us a glimpse of a civilization that flourished for 700 years in the southwest corner of Colorado and then vanished. To follow that cold trail, I traveled to Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado, fully expecting stunning scenery to go with the mystery. But then I walked around a little outcropping in Mesa Verde National Park and saw my first cliff dwelling, Cliff Palace. Astonished, I stopped dead in my tracks. Here, improbably, was a beautiful city built into rugged cliffs in the middle of nowhere, looking remarkably like a 20th-century cityscape fading into the hollow of the same-color cliff.

NEW MEXICO Last week, Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, objected to part of a permanent Smithsonian Institution exhibit titled "American Encounters," which features a New Mexico Pueblo exhibit. He disapproved of a reference to "invasive forms of Christianity" that was part of the exhibit. Perceptions of history have changed. History doesn't belong to anybody, and there are different versions depending on who you are. Native American historian Joe Sando has not seen the exhibit, but is in a short film that runs with it. "The problem is that most of those ... Republicans in the East don't know anything about us out here. They judge from what they think, not what they've seen. They've never been here," Sando said.

ARIZONA the German-born fighter who started his career in the Civil War and ended it, crippled and discredited, in central Arizona 30 years later was one of the great warriors of the Wild West.

CYBERIA Eight anthropologists who have sued for the right to study Kennewick Man are pressing again in federal court for access to the collection of 350 bones. [ Got CALICHE? Ed. note: There are 206 bones in a human body..... ] Forest Service archaeologist Tim Light said several skeletons have been found throughout the Flathead Valley, but this is the only Flathead site he's aware of where multiple skeletons have been found. At a quarry where we've been digging into dinosaurs' lives all week, Ron lights a pile of sage and a woven rope of sweetgrass, fanning it with an eagle's feather, and with reverence. "With respect for all life, past and present," he says. "People say this is just science, it's just a dig. But this is really a graveyard of ancient creatures that lived on this Earth a whole lot longer than we have. They deserve just as much respect as we do."

[ Got CALICHE? Ed. Note: This is the first article we've seen that connects new-age religious beliefs and fossil dinosaurs. That's quite a sea change. We were taught that most dinosaurs actually were 3rd degree masons... ].